We are incredibly proud of our many impressive alumni.  Recent CIMS graduates have used their degrees to pursue a range of careers, including: filmmaking, film programming, publishing, arts journalism and film criticism, art making, creative writing, education, business, marketing, advertising and brand consulting.  

Alumni Testimonials

“I am so proud to have been a part of the CIMS program.  What really sticks with me are the open discussions we would have. I think this really developed my collaboration skills and taught me not to just talk (which I do a lot of) but also to listen to others’ interpretation of a story, the mise-en-scène, or aesthetic. I also really enjoyed opening my mind to foreign cinema. You view the world as others do, and in so doing, expand your understanding of art, life, and narrative.”

— Dillon Bentlage, Major, ’18 (Filmmaker and co-founder of Karen Twins Productions.   Watch his film Dilletantes here.)

“The CIMS program is a fantastic way to learn about cinema from a critical and analytical perspective. Through CIMS I learned to watch films through the lens of psychology, philosophy, history, and more. The program helped me draw connections between my English major and WGS minor as well, enhancing my undergraduate education and helping me think critically about art and the world.”

— Caroline Aaron, Minor, ’19 (Telesales Account Manager at Simon & Schuster)

“My classes in CIMS transformed the way I read, write, and watch.  The major equipped me with a versatile skill set that opened the door to fields far beyond film.”

— Mary Katherine Moore, Major, ’20 (Writer for Environmental America.  Read her work here.)

“CIMS gave me a fantastic interdisciplinary education through studies of different cultures and identities, and I use the transferrable skills it taught me (writing skills, interpersonal skills, importance of history, equity, diversity, inclusion) in my student services work today. I loved my classes in the program, and hope others do too.”

— Lauren Backus, Major, ’17 (Completing Master’s Degree in Education, Student Outreach Coordinator at BU’s Center for Career Development and Educational Resource Center.)

“My degree has taken me down some interesting career paths. I have worked as a content intern in a video game company’s marketing department and then as a social media and marketing associate for a B2B startup. Last year, I changed career paths and moved back to Boston. Every day since I graduated from BU, I have had to bring the critical thinking and writing skills that I learned in CIMS to produce engaging and well-written social media posts, marketing content, and articles.”

— Taylor Mendoza, Minor, ’18 (Associate Editor at BU Today and Bostonia. Read her work here.)