CIMS Film Screening Event Earns Daily Free Press Coverage

Photo by Daily Free Press staff member Sydney Roth

Earlier this week, the Daily Free Press published an article highlighting the success of the CIMS-sponsored Autumn Beat screening event, which included an in-person Q&A session with the film’s director and screenwriter, Antonio Dikele Distefano.

The article, penned by Daily Free Press author Caterina Tomassini, detailed the importance of the film’s depiction of Afro-Italians, a group that has historically been overlooked and underrepresented.

Tomassini spoke with CIMS Associate Director Dr. Jim Carter, who stressed the importance of both the film and the event in their centering of Black Italian voices. Tomassini also spoke with two students who attended the screening, both of whom echoed Dr. Carter’s sentiments of the importance of the film and its representation, in addition to voicing their enjoyment of the film.

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