Surya Pulukuri (Class of ’21)

Incorporating an Online Interactive Video Platform to Optimize Active Learning and Improve Student Accountability through Educational Videos

Video learning holds an important place in modern STEM classrooms, but more improvements to the learning experience are needed. In order to introduce active-learning components into assignments, questions are often deployed alongside videos. Unfortunately, many students tend to skip videos entirely and solely answer questions, bypassing valuable assigned content. Edpuzzle is an online video-modifying platform that allows instructors to take videos (both instructor-made as well as pre-existing available videos) and insert questions to create active-learning video experiences. Videos can be accessed by students on the Edpuzzle platform or directly from within most learning management systems. As students complete video assignments, instructors can access a variety of progress and performance metrics, use these metrics to identify weak points, and inform instruction. Edpuzzle also has unique student accountability features that allow instructors to choose to prevent students from skipping through videos or questions. Moreover, interactive questions can include chemical structures in the form of images or well-formatted equations or formulas, making Edpuzzle an attractive choice for optimizing video learning in and out of chemistry classrooms.