Surya Pulukuri (Class of ’21)

Step back, translate, extend: Addressing misconceptions relating to energy and free energy in cellular reactions via active‐learning videos

In order to succeed in biochemistry, students must transfer and build upon their understanding of general chemistry and introductory biology concepts. One such critical area of knowledge is bioenergetics. Student misconceptions around energy and free energy must be addressed prior to learning more advanced topics, such as energy flow in metabolic reactions. In this article, we present a series of active‐learning videos with embedded questions to address these crucial topics. This video module achieves the following goals: (1) review fundamental chemistry concepts, (2) introduce concepts of reaction coupling and ATP hydrolysis, and (3) foreshadow more advanced biochemical topics such as metabolism. These videos are offered free of charge as traditional videos through YouTube and as an active‐learning video module through an online platform, Edpuzzle. Access to videos is provided at