Comptroller Resources

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Here are some of our most-requested resources. Our individual departments also have their own resources sections with useful forms and advice.


After-the-Fact Review of Financial Transactions

After-the-fact reviews can be very powerful, and departmental staff, with their direct knowledge of the activities and programs in their departments, are ideally situated to evaluate whether transactions posted to their accounts are accurate, complete, and posted to the appropriate account, to raise questions about unusual or inappropriate transactions, and to inform their managers of variances from budget, or significant changes in actuals from one year to the next.

Boston University Financial Statements

The FY2019 Boston University Audited Financial Statements are available to download as a PDF. You can also download statements from Fiscal Year 2018, Fiscal Year 2017, Fiscal Year 2016, Fiscal Year 2015 and Fiscal Year 2014.

Current Rates

We have the latest facilities and administrative cost rate, fringe benefit rate, and Charles River Campus graduate student health rates.

Fiscal Year Closing

With your help, Boston University closes its books and completes the fiscal year-end financial audit by August 31. The Year-End Closing Memo 2021 is now available.


Download forms from Payroll, Accounts Payable, the Cashier, Research Accounting, and General Accounting.

GL Income and Expense Account Descriptions (with Object Codes)

To access GL income and expense account descriptions, please use the BW GL Description Report link below. You can insert a GL number to find the description or leave the variables blank to find an entire listing of accounts and descriptions.

Property Manual

Your guide to our property management policies and procedures, as well as how to use our online property management system.

Safeguarding Information

A statement on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act governing confidentiality and the disclosure of information.

Service Provider Classification

Please view the following:

Tax Exemption Certificates

Forms and exemption letters for the BU community. You’ll be asked to enter your BU Login name and Kerberos password to access this page.

Research Related Consulting Agreement Webinar

For more information regarding hiring and paying independent research related consultants, please review the slides from the RRCA Webinar held on 4 Mar 2016.