Each year the School of Theatre’s onSET (Sharing Experiences in Theatre) program embraces inclusive artists, scholars, poets, and professionals. SOT welcomes a distinguished group of teaching collaborators to enhance, inspire, and enlighten us. This display of professional mentorship is an important part of the academic and artistic mission of the School of Theatre.

These guests and visitors to BU will be in the classrooms in small intimate settings. They might be in larger public venues for panels and conversations, or in pop-up seminars. As professionals, they share their experience and wisdom bringing a rich dimension to the student’s education at BU that is an invaluable asset.   

Browse a (non-comprehensive!) list of recent guest artists who participated in the School of Theatre’s onSET program or visited the School of Theatre.

Recent Visiting Artists

Jamie Aznive (Wheelock’17, MET’22) • Audience Services Manager, Wheelock Family Theatre
Steve Barkhimer (GRS’08) • Musician, Playwright, Director
Daniel Berger-Jones (CFA’05) • Actor
Michael Bobbitt • Executive Director, Mass Cultural Council
Sarah Boess (CFA’19) • Artistic Director, Sanguine Theatre Company
Zachary Booth-Dorff
Jasmine Brooks (CFA’18) • Director & Producer
Joe Calarco • Freelance Writer and Director
Steven Capone (CFA’09) • Designer, Scenic Unicorn (Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Design and Production)
David Conte • Theatre Manager
Jenna Corcoran • Marketing Specialist, Wheelock Family Theatre
Joy Lanceta Coronel • Speech, Communication, and Dialect Coach
Garrett Dillahunt • Actor
Mark H. Dold (CFA’86)Actor
Mariah Fidalgo (CFA’13) • Wardrobe Supervisor, Costumer and Ager Dyer
Dan Fogler (CFA’98) • Actor
Decina + Jamie Ozamiz
Geena Forristall
Jeri Hammond (Wheelock’86,’ 92)• Director of Education & Community Engagement, Wheelock Family Theatre
Mary Healy (CFA’20) • Actor, Model
Jeff Herrmann
Jim Hidde • Senior Lead Scenic Artist, Lexington Scenic (Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Design and Production)
Roselyn HobbsFiber Artist, Lace Designer, Musician
Cloteal Horne (CFA’12) • Actor
Russell Hornsby (CFA’96) • Actor
Michelle Hurd (CFA’88) • Actor & Activist
Izmir Ickbal • Assistant Professor, Syracuse University
Kendra Jain (CFA’19) • Actor
Nok Kanchanabanca • Artist, Sound Designer, Musician, Composer
Brooke Karzen (CFA’84) • EVP, Unscripted Television, Warner Horizon
Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton • Co-Owner, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
Margaret Koerber (CFA’16) • Freelance Costume Crafts Artisan
Jen Lewis • Interim Executive Director, StageSource
Donja Love
Marya Lowry • Actor; Voice Specialist; Professor Emerita, Brandeis University
Madison Lusby (CFA’19)• Stage Manager
Jessica Maher • Executive Director, SAG-AFTRA New England
Zizi Majid
Nathan Malin (CFA’21) • Actor, Director
Rebecca Martinez
Helen McCarthy (CFA’13) • Scenic Artist
John McDaniel • Musician
Lisa McNulty • Producing Artistic Director
Marcia Milgrom Dodge • Tony- and Drama Desk Award-nominated Director & Choreographer, SDC
Tom Mitchell • Chair of Acting, University of Illinois School of Theatre
Bill Mootos
Carl Mulert (CFA’82) • Business Rep, United Scenic Artists, Local 829
Courtney O’Connor • Artistic Director, Lyric Stage Company Boston
Michael Ofori • Director, Educator, Performing Artist
Keith Orr • Administrative Director, Wheelock Family Theatre
Brian Quijada
Paula Plum (CFA’75) • Interim Artistic Director, Gloucester Stage Company
Michael Ross
Tara Rubin (CAS’77) • Casting Director
Gail Shalan (CFA’12) • Storyteller
Dave Shalansky (CFA’96) • Actor
Sarah Shin (CFA’19) • Director, Performer, Producer
Grady Soapes • Director of Casting and Artistic Producer, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Kate Tarker • Playwright
VonDerrick Taylor (CFA’20) • Actor, Storyteller
Cam Williams Bernhardt
Max Yu • Playwright