Construction at CFA

CFA Construction project - exterior

It’s been demo day all summer at CFA. First up is replacing the street-level concrete façade with arched floor-to-ceiling windows. Next is the renovation of the Stone Gallery and the movement studio, and transforming the existing theatre studio into a student lounge.

CFA Construction updates

The renovations, which are already underway on the exterior, will allow pedestrians to peek in to see students’ work and bring more vitality to the street. The project includes the renovation of multiple restrooms, creation of all single-stall all-gender bathrooms, as well as other building-wide improvements designed to enhance accessibility for all.

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We’re Open for Business

Please note that the 855 Commonwealth and 808 Commonwealth are still open for classes and tours during construction. Please be mindful of restricted construction zones.


808 Commonwealth

Please note that 808 Commonwealth is being renovated for the expansion of the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground. The center will expand into what is currently the 808 Gallery on the first floor, occupying 2/3 of the existing space, as well as space on the second floor. The 808 Gallery will continue to operate in the remaining space on the first floor.

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