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Spring 2024

Professor Perspectives: Does testosterone affect the way we speak? Thursday, April 4 | 7-8pm | 100 Bay State Rd, Room 545A Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, associate professor of biological anthropology, will discuss student-led research on voice change in transgender men undergoing testosterone therapy in the context of her own research program in evolutionary endocrinology. Co-sponsored by Anthropology in the Works. Free food will be served.

Queering the Methodology: Effects of Three Queer Teacher's Authenticity in the Classroom. Wednesday, March 6th | 6:30PM-7:30PM | 100 Bay State Rd, Room 613B Jesse Moreira-Bouchard, clinical assistant professor of human physiology at Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, will discuss how STEM students from marginalized backgrounds, such as LGBTQIA+ students and those with marginalized racial identities, have a particularly high dropout rate from STEM majors, largely due to a lack of sense of belonging. Moreira-Bouchard will discuss how faculty can utilize radical authenticity with their own identities to foster a safe, mutually respectful, and inclusive classroom culture to create a sense of belonging for students from these groups. Co-sponsored by Alpha Sigma Kappa- Women in Technical Studies and Beta Psi Omega- BU's Professional Co-Ed Biology Fraternity. Free food will be served.

Professor Perspectives: Have economists accelerated climate change by manufacturing a climate war? Thursday, February 29th | 7:00pm-8:00pm | PHO 210 Join Laurence J Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren Professor of Economics, for a talk based on a study utilizing a multi-region, overlapping generations model. Kotlikoff will explore how the shift from positive to normative economics has led to a divisive state of climate policy, fueling conflicts among generations, regions, and economists, while emphasizing the potential benefits of viewing climate policy as a global externality for all humanity, regardless of birthplace or year. Co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Economics Association. Free food will be served.

Professor Perspectives: What is the difference between access and inclusion? Tuesday, February 20 | 6:30-7:30pm | 100 Bay State Rd, Room 545A Anthony Jack, Associate Professor of higher education administration and faculty director of the Newbury Center, will discuss how his own experiences of being a first-generation college student and how that perspective informs his research and activism in the academy. Co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Sociology Association. Free food from Saloniki will be served.

Fall 2023

 Professor Perspectives: The Linguistic Dimension of Colonialism: A Focus on the Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian Experience.November 15th | 5:00PM-6:30PM | 100 Bay State Rd, 613A Join Arabic lecturer Salima Slimane for a discussion on the pros and cons of linguistic imperialism in the context of North Africa. During the presentation, she’ll tackle French’s role in building a collective identity, yet instilling a cultural dependency. Event co-sponsored by the North African Student Organization @BU. Free food from Tarboosh will be served.

Rachel Carson and the Power of Queer Love.Tuesday, November 14th 6:30pm-7:30pm 100 Bay State Rd, Room 545B Rachel Carson’s landmark 1963 book, Silent Spring, helped to spark modern environmentalism and the formation of the EPA. Professor Lida Maxwell, Professor of Political Science and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, will show how Carson’s work grew out of her experiences of queer love, and discuss the significance of queer love for the contemporary politics of climate change. Co-sponsored by the BU Young Democratic Socialists of America. Free food will be served.

Professor Perspectives: The Intersection of Business and Law. November 9th, 5:30pm-6:30pm, 100 Bay State Rd, Roo 613AJoin Associate Professor Kabrina Chang, Associate Dean Diversity & Inclusion and Clinical Associate Professor, Markets, Public Policy and Law, as she discusses her journey from law student to working for the City of Boston, starting her own law firm, and finally, her current role as an instructor at Questrom. She will also delve into the highlights of her research and publications in business, ethics and law, and share her experiences as Questrom's Associate Dean of D&I. Co-sponsored by Pre-Law Society. Free food will be served.

Professor Perspective: Harnessing the Energy From the Sun: What Lasers Can Tell us About Solar Energy Capture

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