The Virginia Sapiro Academic Enhancement Fund (AEF) enables CAS faculty members to build unique learning opportunities into their undergraduate CAS course syllabi, using historic and contemporary Boston as an extended classroom and taking advantage of the city and University as magnets for leading academics, artists, and experts. The events or activities should be complementary or enriching; other sources of funding should be sought to support activities that are integral to the course design or that provide a required component of the curriculum. Awards are typically between $300 and $500 and usually capped at two awards per semester. Application link located at bottom of page.

Common uses of funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural experiences
  • Visiting exhibitions
  • Guest speakers (honoraria not to exceed $250/person)
  • Live performances (e.g., plays)
  • Field trips (e.g., museums, research facilities)
  • Experiential course materials (i.e. new tools to be used for a one-semester trial)

Funds may not be requested/used for:

  • Local transportation expenses for locations that are accessible by the T or bus lines
  • Standard course materials (materials needed every semester)
  • Recurring events (e.g., events occurring or required every semester)
  • Events that have occurred before the submission of the funding request

The fund is administered by CAS Associate Dean for Student Academic Life Steve Jarvi ( and the CAS Dean’s Office. Each request is evaluated on a rolling basis.  Please be sure to allot ample time between your funding request submission and the date on which you will need the funding.  Funding requests submitted too close to the date of an event, speaker, etc., are not guaranteed to be reviewed, and funding requests submitted for events that have already occurred will not be granted.

If your request is approved, the College will require the submission of a written description of:

  • How the funds were used
  • The benefits derived by use of the funds, as well as photos, when applicable.

Submission is required within two weeks of the event for reimbursement.

The AEF does not provide funding for summer classes or graduate-level classes. This application process is for undergraduate CAS courses only.


The Fall 2023 Application is now closed.

Funds are limited, and the application will be closed when they are exhausted. Applications will reopen again ahead of academic year 2024-2025, with updated guidelines. Please note that as we work to update the AEF guidelines, funding will pause, and no awards will be granted for Spring 2024.

Questions may be directed to