Pursue your scholarly passion. We will provide the world-class education that will allow you to do so.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers two MFA programs and 30 PhD programs in the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. Our programs are led by world-renowned professors and researchers who are as devoted to their teaching as they are to their fields of study.

Below is a comprehensive list of our PhD and MFA program offerings, along with a link to the program websites for more detailed information. Additionally, there are several certificate programs that current PhD and MFA students can take advantage of while completing their degree. These certificate programs allow students to broaden their studies and create a path unique to their interests. We invite you to explore the details, programs and requirements, and application deadlines for your program of interest.

For a complete guide to programs, policies, and courses at BU, please visit the Bulletin. Requirements listed in the Bulletin take precedence over information found elsewhere, and include:

  • Descriptions and criteria for degree and non-degree programs offered in each of BU’s schools and colleges
  • Department information
  • Courses offered each year
  • Student resources and groups or associations related to specific programs, as applicable
  • University-wide policies and their school-specific counterparts (when distinct from University criteria)
  • An archive of programs, departments, and courses from previous years

PhD and MFA Programs