Graduate Information

PhD Graduation Information

The following information and deadlines apply to students who anticipate receiving their PhD degrees at one of the following graduation cycles. Departments/programs may impose additional deadlines.

We only guarantee that we’ll make students official before their graduation date. We cannot rush any graduation procedures for any individual student. Please be patient, and know that you’ll be made official before your graduation date.

Students looking towards their defense should have completed their degree requirements as outlined in the Boston University Bulletin, including the Dissertation Prospectus.

When finishing a degree, students must be registered in the semester in which the final degree requirements are completed; PhD students must also be registered in the preceding semester.

The Dissertation Prospectus Approval Page should be delivered to GRS as soon as it is approved, but no later than 6 months before your dissertation defense.

Please contact the GRS Records office with any questions that are unanswered on this page by emailing

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