The Classification of Depression and Anxiety Project


For the Classification of Depression and Anxiety (CODA) project, over 1,750 participants will be assessed with a variety of interview and self-report measures of temperament, vulnerability, and emotion. A series of psychometric studies will be conducted to address questions bearing on the classification of disorders in DSM-V. This will include a comprehensive evaluation of leading conceptual models of emotional disorders, explication of genetic factors that influence the course and severity of DSM-IV disorders, the refinement of the DSM-IV disorder and associated constructs that will inform the DSM-V as well as biological studies that may suggest a more valid and robust set of disorder and vulnerability constructs on which to base such investigations.

Initial Evaluation Procedure

A comprehensive assessment is conducted. This entails one or more detailed structured interviews conducted by staff members. The interviews focus on and assess anxiety and mood problems and examine the past and current psychological functioning. In addition, a number of paper and pencil questionnaires are administered to provide further information on psychological functioning. This very thorough assessment is conducted because anxiety disorders are complex and often misdiagnosed and is offered on a sliding payment scale, based on household income and number of dependents.

In order to ensure inclusiveness in our research, we offer free evaluations to adults who identify as Black, are of Indigenous Descent, and all People of Color (BIPOC).

Purpose for Evaluation

Through these assessments, the Center staff will make appropriate recommendations for treatment, which may include treatment at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, treatment at another clinic, agency, or by another mental health professional, or no treatment at all. Each person receives a full report on the findings from their assessment. An additional purpose of these assessments is to provide information about anxiety and depression for research purposes. Information obtained from the above assessment procedures is included in a research data pool which is used to add to scientific knowledge about anxiety and mood disorders and their treatment. Information in this data pool is strictly confidential.


Because of our intent in determining the effectiveness of our treatment procedures, we evaluate patient progress and contact several times up to two years after treatment is finished. We do this to learn of each individual’s progress, to assist with any problems that may remain, and to evaluate the temporal course of disorders and associated features.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information on programs, please call (617) 353-9610, or email Bonnie Brown, our nurse administrator, at A member of our clinical staff will be happy to speak with you about our program and answer any questions you may have.