Volume 99, Number 3


Institutional Investor Activism in the 21st Century: Responses to a Changing Landscape


The Specter of the Giant Three 
Lucian Bebchuk & Scott Hirst 
Page 721

The Neverending Quest for Shareholder Rights: Special Meetings and Written Consent
Emiliano M. CatanMarcel Kahan
Page 743

Successor CEOs 
Yaron Nili
Page 787

Institutional Investors as Short Sellers?
Peter Molk & Frank Partnoy
Page 837

Mandatory Arbitration and the Market for Reputation
Roy Shapira 
Page 873

Anti-Activist Poison Pills
Marcel Kahan & Edward Rock 
Page 915

The Future of Shareholder Activism
Assaf Hamdani & Sharon Hannes
Page 971

Reforming Pensions While Retaining Shareholder Voice
David H. Webber 
Page 1001

Investment Funds, Inequality, and Scarcity of Opportunity
Olufunmilayo B. Arewa
Page 1023

The Problem of Sunsets
Jill Fisch Steven Davidoff Solomon
Page 1057

Private Equity’s Governance Advantage: A Requiem
Elisabeth D. de Fontenay
Page 1095

Labor Interests and Corporate Power
Matthew T. Bodie
Page 1123

Conflicted Mutual Fund Voting in Corporate Law
Sean J. Griffith & Dorothy S. Lund
Page 1151

Corporate Governance by Index Exclusion
Scott Hirst & Kobi Kastiel 
Page 1229

Proxy Access for Board Diversity
Michal Barzuza
Page 1279

From Apathy to Activism: The Emergence, Impact, and Future of Shareholder Activism as the New Corporate Governance Norm
Lisa M. Fairfax
Page 1301

Proxy Voting Reform: What is on the Agenda, What is not on the Agenda, and Why it Matters for Asset Owners
Keith JohnsonCynthia Williams, & Ruth Aguilera
Page 1347

Investing in Corporate Procedure
Jessica Erickson 
Page 1367

California Dreaming
Darren Rosenblum
Page 1435

Proxy Advisor Influence in a Comparative Light 
Andrew F. Tuch 
Page 1459

Shareholder-Driven Corporate Governance and Its Necessary Limitations: An Analysis of Wolf Packs
Anita Indira Anand 
Page 1515