March Issue:


Mark A. Lemley, Without Preamble, 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020)

Wendy J. Gordon, Proximate Cause and Computer Code: Copyright Basics Impugning the Oracle Result, 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020).

Alexandra B. Klass, Regulating the Energy “Free Riders,” 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020).

Jill Weiber Lens, Children, Wrongful Death, and Punitive Damages, 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020).

Shu-Yi Oei & Diane M. Ring, Tax Law’s Workplace Shift, 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020).

Matthew A. Shapiro, The Indignities of Civil Litigation, 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020).


Rebecca Krumholz Gottesdiener, Reimagining NIFLA v. Becerra: The Abortion-Protective Implications of the Decision on First Amendment Challenges to Informed Consent Requirements, 100 B.U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming Mar. 2020).


Boston University Law Review Online: 

Winter 2020: 
Symposium on Justin Driver’s The Schoolhouse Gate: Public Education, the Supreme Court, and the Battle for the American Mind. 

Spring 2020: 
Symposium on Dov Fox’s Birth Rights and Wrongs: How Medicine and Technology are Remaking Reproduction and the Law.