Volume 102, Number 4



Law, Markets, and Distribution


Consumer Law as an Axis of Economic Inequality
Daniel Markovits, Barak D. Richman & Rory Van Loo
Page 1169

Lowering the Stakes of the Employment Contract
Aditi Bagchi
Page 1185

Markets and Mandates: Retirement in Chile and the United States
Manisha Padi
Page 1215

A Debt of Dishonor
Kim Oosterlinck, Ugo Panizza, W. Mark C. Weidemaier & Mitu Gulati
Page 1247

Racially Collusive Boycotts: African-American Purchasing Power in the Wigs and Hair Extensions Market
Felix B. Chang, Anisha Rakhra & Janelle Thompson
Page 1277

Shifting Burdens at the Fringe
Vijay Raghavan
Page 1301

Law, Taxes, Inequality, and Surplus
Michael D. Guttentag
Page 1329

Credit, Crises, and Infrastructure: The Differing Fates of Large and Small Businesses
Todd H. Baker, Kathryn Judge & Aaron Klein
Page 1353

Opportunity Zones: A Program in Search of a Purpose
Ofer Eldar & Chelsea Garber
Page 1397


Linguistic Legal Deserts: Addressing Language Access in the United States Legal System for Limited English Proficient Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Andrew Truong
Page 1441