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Month: November 2015

Now Presenting: Your Best Research Part 1

Part 1/3 by Sanae Ferreira I’m a detail-oriented person, and I expect many of you are also. You have to be, to some extent, in order to be able to capture the tiniest of differences – which could be very significant – in the fluorescence images you look at, and to catch that wayward cell […]

Now Presenting: Your Best Self

by Sanae Ferreira   This trio of four-letter words, though they seem small, packs a punch: Your Best Self.   They imply a sense of ownership, a worthy evaluation, and an in-depth knowledge of who you are as an individual. All three of these are areas that continually evolve as you do. Graduate school is, […]

Are you Excited for Your Science?

by Daniel Taub Aside from effectively performing your experiments, being able to convey your scientific findings is arguably the most important skill to have in science. After all, if you can’t communicate your findings to the scientific field they essentially don’t exist. However, it is not enough to simply communicate your findings anymore. You should […]

Community: Find your Tribe

by Sanae Ferreira Sooner or later, you will realize you’re not a research robot, nor an investigator island. One day, you will be in the microscope room, emerging bleary eyed, blinking to adjust to the bright fluorescent lights of the lab, and realize you barely spoke to anyone all day. Wait, did I? The lack […]