Mentoring Circles

BU’s BEST Mentoring Circles


Thank you for your interest in the BU’s BEST Mentoring Circles Program!

Applications are currently closed for the Mentoring Circles 2019 Cohort. 

Please sign up here to receive information on how to apply to be a part of the 2020 Cohort.

If you are a Mentee or a Mentor in the current cohort, access the BU’s BEST Mentoring Circles Dashboard here.

About BU’s BEST Mentoring Circles:

We are excited to provide a community around mentorship in BU’s biomedical sciences community, and look forward to having you be a part of BU’s BEST Mentoring Circles.

Mentoring is one of the most significant resources that shape a graduate student’s experience and future career trajectory.

Being a mentee is for you if:
1) You are pursuing a graduate degree in a STEM, Medical, Dental, or Public Health field, and 2) You are interested in fostering a supportive community around the professional development of other trainees in science.

Being a mentor is for you if:

1) You hold a graduate degree (or, for Peer-Peer mentoring, are currently pursuing one) in a STEM, Medical, Dental, or Public Health field, and 2) You are interested in furthering the professional development of trainees in science.

The success of the Mentoring Program is based on co-investment of the mentors and mentees with similar goals for participation and availability.

Mentors commit to foster the growth and education trainees in scientific disciplines and also have the opportunity to build professional networks with one another. Mentoring circles are a trainee-led discussion group where mentors offer insight and experience.

Successful mentees should be curious, excited, and willing to invest in a relationship with their mentor(s) and with their peers. Peers in graduate school may also be peers in the work force, and we encourage practicing building a network from the start of graduate school!

To assist participants, we will provide helpful materials to guide you in building a successful mentoring relationship, along with tips to construct a mentoring plan.

Please contact Dr. Sanae ElShourbagy Ferreira ( or Dr. Amanda Bolgioni-Smith ( with any questions concerning the BU’s BEST Mentoring Circles Program.