Site Visits


Site visits are planned activities where you will visit a company or organization. Site visits aim to help demystify the process of career transition by exposing you to different work environments, and enabling you to learn about career transitions directly from company employees.

BU’s BEST is designing site visits for biomedical postdocs and PhD students in companies or organizations in different career tracks: research, policy, business/administration, law, communication and education.

For a current list of site visits, please see Events.


Site visits provide an excellent opportunity for biomedical PhD trainees to learn about a company or organization, its culture (vision, values and practice), types of activities performed in different jobs, employment opportunities, and what a company or organization looks for in job candidates. Site visits can also be an opportunity to meet a future employer and to expand your professional network.

Schedule and Activities

The site visits will last from 1-4 hours, and will be offered to a limited number of trainees as determined by the site. You will be responsible for your transportation to the site. We will announce the visit through the BU’s BEST newsletter and/or e-mail.

Potential activities during the site visit are:

  • Presentation and/or information on the company or organization and its culture
  • Site tour
  • Panel of employees talking about their career paths from graduate/postdoctoral researchers to their current jobs
  • How to apply for jobs and what the company looks for in a job applicant
  • Q&A session
  • Case study that mimics what it’s like to work on a project at the company
  • Trainee and employee networking

Plan Your Visit

Before the visit, research the company you are visiting and prepare questions. On the day of the visit, dress professionally and arrive on time. You may need to bring a photo ID.

As there will be limited availability for each visit, please sign up only in you’re sure you can attend. If you sign up and cannot attend for some reason, please contact us as soon as possible so we can give your spot to another trainee.