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Why I decided to STEPUP

(Join BU’s new Science and TEchnology in PUblic Policy group!) When life after my PhD started to become a reality, I decided to explore careers away from the bench. “Science policy” kept surfacing to the top of my career surveys and internet searches. It was an appealing phrase—I like science (obviously!) and I’m interested in […]

Professional Development : Education meets Research in the Teaching as Research Fellowship

by Sanae Ferreira As a graduate or postdoctoral trainee, there are a number of types of opportunities for professional development. One which some of you may have experienced is assisting in some way with teaching a course or a discussion or laboratory section. We are scientists, learners, and teachers. We are passionate, inquisitive, and diverse. […]

Community: Find your Tribe

by Sanae Ferreira Sooner or later, you will realize you’re not a research robot, nor an investigator island. One day, you will be in the microscope room, emerging bleary eyed, blinking to adjust to the bright fluorescent lights of the lab, and realize you barely spoke to anyone all day. Wait, did I? The lack […]