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Month: December 2018

Postdoctoral Scientist in Dr. Joshua Campbell in the Division of Computational Biomedicine in the Department of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine 

The focus of the Campbell lab is to develop and apply novel genomic methods to characterize a variety of biological systems and diseases. Areas of focus include lung cancer initiation and progression, prostate cancer health disparities, the biological response to exposures, and lung development. Joshua D. Campbell is an assistant professor in the Division of […]

12.4.18 Spring 2019 Teaching Opportunity for PhD Candidates/Post-doctoral Scientists

The Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences (BLCS) Program is seeking candidates to teach this spring in Disease and Public Health and Medical Microbiology (please see course descriptions below). Contact Dr. Faddie Coleman or Alexandra Bertran for more information. The BLCS program is an undergraduate degree-granting program at the medical school.  BLCS is jointly run by BUSM […]

Organized Internship Opportunities for BU’s BEST Trainees

Internships Business & Administration Excelyrate Capital: Venture Capital Internship Outcome Capital Internship Research Administrator Intern (Grants & Contracts) Mentoring Circles Coordinator Communications Science Communication Internship Creative writing: Communication and Marketing Intern Policy BU Institutional Review Board (IRB) Intern Understanding Diversity in Medical Education Research Student Mentoring / Scientific Writing Assistant Lab Manager at Biotech Accelerator Clinical […]