Using an IDP

Have you ever asked, “…and how am I ever going to have time for career exploration, professional development AND still get my research done?”  An Individual Development Plan (IDP) can help you complete your research in a timely manner, make time for career exploration and professional development.  

Individual Development Plans

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) allow trainees to explore career opportunities and leverage the skills gained throughout doctoral training to pursue the best-fit career option. Learn more about the value of creating an IDP through the myIDP article series.

Check out the below BU’s BEST IDP resources…

Individual Development Plans:

Do you have questions about myIDP*?

If so, check out these videos by the UCSF Office of Career & Professional Development:

Making an Individual Development Plan using myIDP


These videos below demonstrate how to complete the myIDP.  They were created by the UCSF Office of Career & Professional Development.

Self Assessment using myIDP

Explore Science Careers using myIDP

Set Goals for Career Success using myIDP

*myIDP authors are Phil Clifford, Cynthia Fuhrmann, Jennifer Hobin and Bill Lindstaedt.  myIDP is available for free at