Faculty Resources

BU’s BEST for Faculty

BU’s BEST can help you and your trainees with professional career development, funding opportunities, and mentored training plans.  Likewise, we are here to grow your professional network (industry, IP, etc) as well as help you recruit top trainees.

We would be happy to engage in conversations and receive feedback from you.  Please email bubest@bu.edu.

Trainee Fellowship Funding Opportunities

The Graduate Women in Science + Engineering (GWISE) at Boston University has compiled an extensive list for science and engineering fellowships for graduate research linked below as Trainee Fellowships. For more information and other fellowship opportunities please visit the Pivot Database (pivot.cos.com).

Dr. Lawrence A. Tabak, Principal Deputy Director of NIH, talks about BEST

Are you looking for extra training for your doctoral students or postdocs?

edX courses offer free training (option to pay for the certificate) from top institutions.  There are currently 838 courses being offered at differing times: everything from “Intro to Linux”, “Foundations of Data Analysis–Part 1: Statistics Using R”, “Intro to Project Management”, “Data Analysis for Life Sciences (4 parts)”, “Data Science Ethics”, “Conversational English Skills”,  and MUCH MUCH more!

Selected Categories of Interest:

Biology & Life Sciences

Business & Management



Computer Science

Data Analysis & Statistics

See full list of courses here

Does your trainee need leadership and management experience?

And maybe your lab could use a little organization?  Consider allowing your trainee to implement lab management software.  Quartzy is a free web-based software that can make life easier.  Each person in your lab can have a log-in, make order requests, share documents (protocols), inventory your chemicals and supplies, and more!

Do you have questions about myIDP*?

If so, check out these videos by the UCSF Office of Career & Professional Development: “Making an Individual Development Plan using myIDP”.  This video shows how it is possible for trainees to complete research and make time for career exploration.

These videos demonstrate how to complete the myIDP.  They were created by the UCSF Office of Career & Professional Development:

Self Assessment using myIDP

Explore Science Careers using myIDP

Set Goals for Career Success using myIDP

*myIDP authors are Phil Clifford, Cynthia Fuhrmann, Jennifer Hobin and Bill Lindstaedt.  myIDP is available for free at myidp.sciencecareers.org/