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There are 4 comments on Analysis: BU Experts on Presidential Politics after N.H. Primary

  1. As usual, the ‘panel of BU experts’ skips over several MAJOR points in its zeal to carry water for their preferred candidate ..

    Trump set a record in IA with his win there .. he won 98 of 99 counties, and gather more support than any other R candidate EVER.

    In N.H., Trump earned just over 100k votes in 2016 .. he got about 130k votes in 2020 .. and he will get about 170k this year, again, another record if I’m not mistaken.

    Haley benefitted greatly from the stupid ‘open primary’ rules in N.H. .. just like the Rs played games with Hillary and Obama in the past, the Ds played games with Trump in this cycle .. 7 of 10 voters for Haley weren’t even register Rs.

    Trump has incredible momentum at the moment, with his overall approval rating RISING, while Biden’s approval rating is LOWER than any other candidate EVER.

    Trump is out polling Biden in EVERY swing state, and in several BY A LOT .. and polling has almost always favored D candidates (remember Hillary had a near certain victory before she didn’t).

    I could keep going, but endeavoring to reason with partisan liberals is a fools exercise .., but lastly, not a single panel member mentioned that the Ds have shunned RFK JR, a VERY formidable candidate, who will most surely take votes from Biden who at this point is nearly incapable of campaigning.

    And to the panelist who referred to Biden as The Best President, blah, blah, blah .. you can’t be serious .. we now have an OPEN southern border that’s been breached somewhere between 8-12 MILLION times under Joe’s regime, major crime statistics that have clobbered EVERY major city and far too many rural areas, there are now wars raging in several countries (there were no new wars under Trump, vs several under Biden), potentially crippling Fed funds/interest rates, raging inflation, etc etc etc .. this administration is an unmitigated disaster.

    My guess is that you won’t share this, as censoring seems to be the way at the new BU – which is far different from the old BU, where differing views were shared.

  2. Last time I checked the US still had 48 more states yet to vote. Presuming Iowa and NH are representative of all the rest, we can skip the others — maybe scrap the primary system in the future, just let those two states decide for us all — leaving us with a choice between the inept Biden and the arrogant Trump.

    The only person in the country with a chance of losing to Biden is Trump.
    The only person in the country with a chance of losing to Trump is Biden.
    We have two of the worst candidates in history running against each other.

    The system isn’t broken, the parties are. This might be the first time a 3rd party or an independent has a chance!

  3. Golly. Ambassador Hare says “Most Republicans agree with Trump that foreign policy is a minor issue.” He needs to meet some Republicans (I’m available). And it’d be nice if he represented Trump fairly on this. Shawn Lynch says the ‘Trump “Republican” will not vote for a person of color over Trump.’ Pretty vile smear, Shawn, not worthy of a faculty member at a distinguished university. Same advice: You need to meet some Republicans (I’m available, subject to an apology for the smear).

  4. The braying of like-minded ideologues with distant or no practical experience in the focus of which they opine shouldn’t be presented as expertise. Readers, especially students, deserve thoughtful analysis representing a range of viewpoints from faculty who don’t allow emotion and political wishcasting to subjugate their ability to be rational and fair.

    Shawn Lynch takes this intellectually vacuous exercise to a new extreme in this Q&A. He should know better. So too should the editors who asked him to contribute.

    How many of these faculty experts engage in meaningful ways with people outside of their elitist bubble—blue collar workers, the non-degreed, people who live in exurban and rural communities? How can they purport to understand the sensibilities and sensitivities of most voters?

    The smartest pundits I know, amateur and professional, are the ones who concede that conventional wisdom ended eight years ago, and it’s nearly impossible to know or make sense of what may happen in the next election.

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