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There are 4 comments on POV: Gender-Affirming Care is Under Siege

  1. Thank you for this important article. I hope that BU affirms its commitment to supporting trans and gender diverse youth, especially considering that a year ago Michael Knowles was allowed to give a talk on campus called “Teach the ABCs, not LGB(T)s.” During this event, Knowles called LGBTQIA+ students participating in a peaceful walkout “creeps,” “groomers,” and “pedophiles.” In addition to using his online platform to target a trans BU student, during his speech he of course spewed the same rhetoric that you quoted from him at the beginning of this article.

  2. As a student majoring in psychology at Boston University and a founder of a psychology channel, I ensure that limiting LGBTQ+ individuals’ access to gender-affirming care will harm their mental health and put them at greater risk of depression and anxiety. In China, such gender affirmation care is rare, so there are more LGBTQ+ individuals in China suffering from mental disorders. One of my friends in high school is a sexual minority who suffered from severe depression and almost cut off communication with others because of the lack of adequate social support and necessary gender affirmation care. I hope that policies and laws that support the LGBTQ+ community will be passed and implemented as soon as possible.

  3. Through your article, I deeply understand the importance of gender-affirming care, and I greatly agree with Harrison’s comments. As a Chinese, I have seen the problematic situation of LGBTQ+ in China and understood the psychological damage to this group caused by ignoring gender-affirming care. While I’m not a part of this group, I’m a big supporter of protection policies and regulations targeting the LGBTQ+ community, and I’m happy to see the increased awareness of this.

  4. As the founder of the Facebook group, Physicians for Intersex Advocacy (PIA), I try to educate people (including fellow doctors!) about intersex traits. There is a lot of ignorance out there, but, at PIA, we believe people would be more sympathetic and empathetic if they could become better educated about sexual development.

    Not many people know that there are those who have both ovarian and testicular tissue in the same body (aka ovotestis). What identity is that person to claim? There are those who, since birth, have no ovaries or testes (aka swyer syndrome). What identity is that person to claim? Even as doctors, there is a lot about sexual development that we did not learn in medical school. If there is such vast knowledge deficiency within the medical community about sexual development, what is to be expected of the lay community?

    An intersex person is a transgender person by definition, as they are transgender to their genetics (e.g. “girl”-appearing person whose genetics is XY) or to their society (e.g. “girl”-appearing person whose genetics is XY dressing as a stereotypical boy with XY genetics).

    Like the mathematical symbol “PI” where every circle has the same ratio of circumference to diameter (per Steven Bogart), every life has the same value of the ratio of individual being and value to societal value. A society that hates a segment of its population is a society that is headed for annihilation, as one cannot destroy a part without affecting the whole.

    We are soon to become the future’s history. What kinds of stories do we want future generations to tell about us? Are we to be likened to societies that committed genocide, that too based on gender or ideological differences?

    Let us educate ourselves so that we can communicate better. Let us use that heart that is supposed to be filled with love. Let us use that brain that is supposed to be logical and ethically minded.

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