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There are 77 comments on Is the Government Concealing UFO Craft and Dead Extraterrestrials?

  1. He does have evidence – documents and photos, that he himself has seen. He stated that clearly. He provided all of it to the IG and to congress. I’m not sure why so many people miss that. And, the IG, after his own investigation, labeled his claims as credible and urgent.

  2. Well, I’m guessing NASA and AARO won’t come with anything since they don’t have access to any of the data that Grusch claims. It is up to Congress to reveal the proof since Grusch gave them all the info he had.

  3. I have testimony from a trusted military source who had long term access to an intact ET NHI vehicle that independently corroborates not only Grusch but also Corso and Doty’s stories.

  4. Thank-you for a thoughtfully reported piece on this extraordinary topic, I believe it merits serious attention from all quarters and a deeply considered and informed perspective by journalists covering it. To that end, if you’ve not done so already, I highly recommend the book by Australian journalist Ross Coulthart, “In Plain Sight,” and also Leslie Kean’s UFO book. The aspect of this story I marvel at is how people unfamiliar with it exclaim, “There’s no way they could have kept such a thing secret for so long.” The proper response to that is: They didn’t keep it secret. Serious ufologists have been excavating pieces of this story for half a century, and ex-military types have been talking about it on the record with varying degrees of detail and transparency for nearly as long. UFO “buffs” and “enthusiasts” were the only ones paying attention. I am glad to see the press finally paying attention.

    1. The development and actualization of the Atomic bomb was kept a secret for years. The creation of that weapon system involved hundreds of thousands of personell. President Truman was written in once he took office. The Normandy invasion was closely held as have been other surprises historically. Stove Piping, compartmentalization and the threat of violating national security could also contribute to sustaining secrecy. In any event, things have gotten interesting.

  5. We can only hope that congressional investigators can get access to the evidence h was referencing. I liked this Engineer’s take on looking at hard evidence. I am also an Engineer and am baffled by past negative attitudes about studying what these sightings represent, be they material and/or psychological in nature. I for one lean toward the existence of some sort of Earth-based phenomena, that may be functioning on physical principles that are beyond most peoples’ normal experience. Modern physics theories could cause machines or even life forms to behave in ways strange to human observers and instrumentation. If we are to ever explore other worlds we will need to be able to develop both the tech and the human ability to process whole new realities.

    1. @Jamie, Totaly agree with you. “Earth-based phenomena” is what I think too. Maybe from same planet but different dimension perhaps.

    2. Historical ufo events with eyewitnesses has been the best way to understand we aren’t alone. Everyone needs to do there own research. This stuff has been going on for many many years. Westell incident, Rendlesham, Brazil, Roswell and many more more ufo crashes and sightings. Eyewitnesses were threatened not to talk by US government officials in all these incidents. This BS has been going on for years. Who are these people that have so much power to act this way? I would doubt that lots of illegal activities and enormous spending going on with no oversite.

    3. That is what I think too. If they have dead bodies, they probably have a good idea of where the “aliens” are from. If the biochemistry is similar or identical, they must have come from Earth. Not necessarily from our Earth, though. Possibilities include pre-human civilizations that left Earth’s surface long ago, parallel universes nearby through a quantized extra dimension that have a planet in the same position as Earth, and alternate timelines of Earth where evolution took a different path. And these possibilities are not mutually exclusive, as a pre-human civilization could have escaped a catastrophe by moving to a parallel world.

      1. Proof of aliens is inevitable, there is undeniably other life out there. Parallel universes on the other hand are mostly found in Rick and Morty.

        1. Yeah yeah yeah here we go with another skeptic grudgingly admitting the possibility of otherworldly beings and out of the other corner of his mouth belittling someone’s opinion. . Actually the Rick & Morty comment explains the intellect involved here. No need to say more

        2. Buck Rogers in the 25th century was a popular comic strip character and at one time used a solid gold space ship.
          Getting off from farce,there may be other living beings out there somewhere and just because it’s not mentioned in the Hebrew Bible does not negate the possibility.Neither is the steam locomotive but they do/did exist.

    1. When you look at the process of many years of evolution and “life as we know it” it is easy to see how we could be alone. Species separated by water or land barriers can develop differently based on predators, availability of food, weather conditions or extremes, etc….on the other side, those of us who believe in God can know that we are his creation, created from his image and that we could in ourselves, definitely be “alone” in the sense nothing else is like us. That is not to say that worlds many light years away have a different version of “life” or being that is completely different than us and they may be more advanced than us. Just because we haven’t got there as far as advancement does not mean it doesn’t exist.

      1. I feel the same way.There are planets and civilizations that could be 50,000 yrs ahead of us,and others just starting out.Maybe parallel universes etc.Anything is possible

    2. Skeptic here. Appears that there is more than one civilization that’s traveled here with so many different types of craft photographed? Why would aliens travel light years and then hide from us? Travel same and then crash on earth? Why would the US government be the only officials to have evidence with so many other countries in the world? Why wouldn’t private citizens possess evidence such as paleontologists do with dinosaur bones. Why hasn’t there been a single mass UFO sighting by thousands or even millions of people? NASA is an independent agency of the government so why do we continue to monitor radio telescopes to detect alien life if we know it exists? In a free society there’s too much money/prestige at stake to keep something as life & science altering as UFO crash evidence a secret for this long.

      1. They aren’t hiding, you’ve got to open a line of communication. Think about how someone in Siberia could not imagine or connect with an Amazonian tribe maybe just 200 years ago. Yet they exist. It’s technology that enabled Siberia to speak to an Amazonian and it will be a technology that enables extrerrestrial contact eventually.

  6. Thanks for the article. It is great to see there are many reputable sites and news reporting all this.
    Many seem to miss the point that a lot of the evidence that Grusch claims, has already been given to select people at the congress who have clearance to see such evidence, and that is why the public has not seen this evidence.
    Is BU able to reach out to congress to confirm that such evidence indeed exists and has been seen by congress? As if that is the case, it proves that that Grusch was correct and there is indeed corroborating evidence to support his claims.
    Moreover, what about other members of the DoD and researchers/scientists/pilots who all have similar claims and stories, would that be taken into account when viewing such new claims? Thanks

    1. I wouldn’t consider BU Today a reputable source, but rather an outlet of so called “mainstream” propaganda. There is a reason why these stories are getting attention from the mainstream media. There have been no shortage of “whistleblowers” over the preceding decades.

      Interestingly, some of the recent “whistleblowers” claim that the ice cube experiment in the Antarctica is a “traffic control tower” for alien crafts. Since BU participates in this experiment, it would be good to include an interview with the relevant faculty. That would be a nice BU-focused piece.

  7. I’ll share my baggage: I love the idea of UFOs and definitely find Grusch to be way more credible than previous insiders. That said – show me the money – have the hearings, bring the truth out, and show it to us. Otherwise this is just another interesting UFO story.

    Mr. Barlow states “Not only has he not shared any verifiable evidence” …. shared what with whom? The source stories I have read (debrief and NewsNation) state that he has given a pile of classified documentation along with the 11 hours of sworn testimony you mentioned. These documents were given to Congress and to Intelligence Inspector General.

    The programs Grusch claims to have knowledge of, are classified. He *can’t* share documentation beyond what he has done. It is on Congress to take it from here.

    Please explain what “shared any verifiable evidence” means. It is a misleading statement IMO that disregards Grusch’s sworn testimony and pile of secret docs that he has provide.

    1. Well that is the question.
      If the programs themself are illegaly kept from congress – which would be a crime – he should be okay to „violate“ his NDA, since it would be illegal itsself.

      Of course I understand he is not willing to do this, since if true, he is in danger of life anyway already. I hope he arranged a good life insurance, like documents will automatically be released by someone in case of his death.

      IF all of this is true, it‘s a BIG crime commited. Treaties with ETs without congress involvement should be considered a big crime – IF true. Not to mention MURDER to keep this secret. Documents mentioning murder coverd by the deep state should be okay to be handed to reporters and police.

      So the NDA should be illegal anyway on this subject. I hope we learn the truth ever. IF true this will deaply shatter trust in governements.

  8. What you’re seeing right now is historic. A faction of our intelligence agencies want the truth out about extraterrestrials and the incredible moments in history they’ve been lieng about for like 40 plus years. NASA too.

    Then there’s those within the government still trying to spin lies and the official denial misinformation program.You can see this played out in the daily news feed. “They’re real….no NASA says its meteors…PENTAGON releases ufo films….PENTAGON denies any cover up…” its pathetic ridiculous and criminal honestly.

    And for those still beating the drum “there’s no evidence,My God do your research. Start with MUFON and then read the multitude of books by science ex military whistle blowers. Wake up everyone. Educate yourselves fast as your children are going to have many questions as this phenomenon unfolds.

  9. You say that “Klein also doubts the government’s competence at maintaining such a long-standing and vast cover-up.” Yet the vast cover-up has NOT been maintained, at least at one level: just look into the Roswell incident and you will find countless military and civilian sources who have come forward with interesting information. Credible military people such as Col Philip Corso and Chaim Eshed have made similar claims. However, its easy enough to destroy their credibility simply by saying they are mentally unstable, prone to fabrication or unreliable. That has been the strategy with these witnesses for decades, and it is accepted without question.

  10. As a graduate of BU school of journalism, I am tired of the “Carl Sagan Quote “. There’s plenty of “evidence “ out there from extremely competent individuals. UFO research has been going on for over 90 years…give them the credit they deserve…do your homework and educate yourself on the topic…Galileo did not let the “church “ get in the way of his discovery.Get ready for the ontological shock of a new reality…government is trying to control the narrative with academic blessing
    How many examples of that strategy do you need? Unfortunately the legacy media are parrots that read press releases. As for the “holy” NY Times check out the Board of Directors, How many journalists can you count..the majority are money people.

    1. They said that Eisenhower had worked with these visitors and in order to keep peace they provided
      secrets regarding gravitational experiments that would give us ability to fly faster and further. Also weapons and ships. I don’t know the truth. Who would know?

  11. You need to fact check your story. He has provided evidence that is classified to the inspector general of the intelligence community. The aforesaid evidence was provided to the whistleblower from various individuals that were part of the special access program that retrieved the in tact or partially in tact spacecraft. As a former Intel analyst, I can guarantee you that it will be a very long time (50 years or more) if ever that TS/SCI info from such a program would be declassified. Special access programs are exclusive and closely safeguarded. If you are not read into a special access program, you will never be afforded access to its information, even if you have a TS/SCI. Hence, Congress and potentially the president’s inability to view such information. I know academics, politicians and the public want clear cut evidence, but it would have to undermine the entire classification authority established by the intelligence community. Those in academia should understand the importance of professional safeguards and policies that protect national security.

    1. Unfortunately your comments about it being unlikely that information about a reverse engineering program will ever become available seem more accurate than any others I have read. I am very frustrated by the way corporations and governments conspire to control information for their own gain at the detriment of everyone else. I also find the psychological manuipulation of the masses to support secrecy to be frustrating. In my opinion the only way this information becomes available is to throw off our current forms of government & institute new government. Do you see any other alternative?

  12. Dear sir,
    With all due respect it is wildly inappropriate to comment to anyone on the veracity of someone such as David Grusch’s claims before doing so much as one iota of research beyond what you’ve heard of his interview with Ross Coulthart. I would point you to Ross Coulthart’s most recent two episodes of “Need to know” podcasts to at least find out who this highly decorated man is and exactly what he stands to lose by revealing this information.

    1. The only explanation that makes sense is UFO appearances are NOT random. They seem to be deliberately targeting and surveilling the military, particularly in the air and at sea. The number of good cameras in the hands of the public don’t matter if the UFOs are going after military ships at sea and leaving the public alone.

  13. Joshua Semeter doesn’t strike me as very curious about David Grusch’s claims, and he overlooks the fact that this Whistleblower came with “references”, i.e. similar situated peers in the intel community who apparently attested to both David’s honesty and the veracity of his assertions. Joshua and his NASA panel should start digging and be proactively engaged. It’s not true there is little or no data. There are, for example, several now famous leaked videos of UFOs taken with military hardware, with telemetry, and the eyewitness testimony of military pilots and other staff for corroboration. Hold some hearings, conduct some interviews, rattle some cages, stand up to those in positions of power. Question authority and demand disclosure. The public deserves to know who’s been visiting our world uninvited.

  14. The Carl Sagan quote actually works as well now for the believers as the unbelievers. The extraordinary evidence we’re looking for was given to Congress by Grusch and others, in multiple closed-door/classified briefings. We know this because even Congress admits those classified meetings happened. In those meetings, Grusch et al, said they provided Congress with the names and locations of secret programs, the names of some of the individuals involved, and other highly sensitive info that constitute “extraordinary evidence.” Grusch’s testimony and evidence must have been pretty compelling because it’s caused a House Oversight Committee investigation, slated for July.

    Whether or not everything Grusch and many others are saying is 100% accurate, is debatable and somewhat beside the point here. Even if they’re just mostly correct the implications are major. The fact remains that Grusch and other highly credible insiders are taken very seriously by Congress and gave Congress evidence of UAPs we are not privy too. That is unprecedented and astonishing. That is extraordinary evidence of something, IMO. Thanks Carl.

  15. Members of the Air Force have talked about possession of exotic craft and organic material from those crafts for years. Let me fill you in on something else. They don’t think they are extraterrestrials from another planet. The media keeps repeating the extraterrestrial hypothesis as if a mouthpiece of the disinformation campaign. What if the organic material was tested to be human? What if the so called Greys are future humans? Not my opinion and without evidence Air Force gossip doesn’t mean anything. But at least listen to what the whistle-blowers are trying to communicate without giving specific details to keep within disclosure agreements. Stop shoving the extraterrestrial hypothesis down everyone’s throats.

    1. There was a movie in the eighties called the “Final Countdown” about a nuclear powered aircraft carrier that gets caught in some kind of a time warp during a storm. It gets sent back to the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. Maybe these sightings are from our future, maybe we actually have “trapped” time travelers living amongst us.

  16. I applaud that this article and interview did not fail to emphasize that Grusch’s claims have been accompanied by 11 hours of classified testimony. Nevertheless it seems unjustifiably dismissive and arguably lacks the spirit required for true scientific rigor.

    Science requires clearly defined terms. The term “extraordinary evidence”, to my knowledge, has never been defined or distinguished from the term “evidence”. I have never heard a single example of what could be characterized as “extraordinary evidence” in any scientific endeavor. I believe Carl Sagan would regret how his catchy phrase has come to be relied upon.

    I am naturally skeptical of explosive claims, which in this case would indicate the biggest story in human history, however I am struggling to imagine a scenario that would have led to Grusch’s claims and the Inspector General’s conclusion that those claims are “credible and urgent”.

  17. Oscillating between Scepticism and Intrigue for decades. Presumably we have tried contacting them. Email and such but equally obviously they are far too busy to reply. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  18. Yes we need evidence, but as has been repeatedly been said Grusch would go to prison if he revealed this classified material to the public. Snowden did this and left the country to avoid prison. Grusch can go to Congress with immunity but not to the public. So let’s stop that “leap” you want to have happen until Congress releases it. Grusch is not saying believe what he says as the truth, but investigate what he has revealed. Investigate the other people that brought the revelations to him. Very rational and simple enough to understand but the media and debunkers won’t say that.

    NASA also will not have access to UFO classified information, so these doubtful scientists get what is spoon fed to them as their data? What science would accept limited data as a truth? That’s pseudo science, yet being embraced by these scientists and the media? We are past this 1960s style of side stepping the issue. “Well the government won’t tell me, so I guess most of this is not important.” Shameful and perpetuating a lie to keep their reputation and job.

  19. I appreciate the intelligent replies to this article. This info has leaked like a sieve for decades, the government just did a very effective ridicule campaign. I hope all those who’ve risked their careers and reputations to bring to light what they’ve experienced will be vindicated.

  20. David Grousch has given Testimony, under Oath, to the Senate Armed Services Committee, and to the House for a total of about 11hrs. He gave Names of induviduals, the Program Name, and where it is housed. The names he gave that are currently employed by the “legacy” UAP Crash Retreival Program have been subpoenaed to testify to the IG already. Under Oath those induviduals have corraberated David Grousch’s Claim’s to be true with evidence that proves it. His complaint was filed a Year ago, the story of it just “broke” about a Month ago. This investigation is ALOT further along that has been made public. They are some of the fact’s of what has transpired so far with his complaint.

    As of right now my opinion is that i think many Gov’t official’s are in somewhat of a “panic mode” that these Program’s actually exist, and how are they going to tell the American Public that they have been lying to us for 90+ yrs. And we are witnessing in “real-time” the “sophisticated and complex”(as David Grousch called it) dis-information Campaign to keep all this supressed. This Story, and the factual basis of it should be “front page” News at every news outlet, but it’s not. It’s the biggest revelation Humanity has ever had, and “main stream” Media in the US is not saying a word about it. That is very telling on it’s own

    1. Hi Rich, thanks for great comment. Can you link an article that mentions those individuals from the SAPs that testified before the IG to back up Grusch’s claims?

    2. Rich, I found it quite interesting that NBC Nightly News and the Today
      Show of the July 26th conference was not covered. ABC did a short segment of the event. Yes, sounds like Media dropped the ball big time.

    3. Holy words. Here in Italy they haven’t even taken this, which should be the news of the century, into consideration, no one has talked about it on TV.

      What I’m saying is: if UFOs don’t exist, if this whole story is false, what does the American government have to fear? Have the 5 members of congress do a check. But this will NOT happen. This should already say a lot about the answer. I would add that all the serious ufologists who have dedicated their lives to research have come to a bad end when they got too close to the truth.

      I just want to remind you that this matter does NOT only concern Americans even if it is carried out in America, but the whole world. Here we should start thinking like earthlings and not like people of different nationalities.

      Greetings from Italy

  21. Bob Lazar already came forward that saw and touched the crafts at Area 51 S4. He’s the same person that was right about Area 51 AND S4 as well as element 115 existing. So now we’ve had an intelligence officer come forward and confirm the claims Lazar already made. Taken together, it’s more likely true than not.

    1. Matt, interesting Bob Lazar not mentioned hardly at all during latest whistleblower disclosure. Believe he passed several lie detector tests and the government tried to discredit his work history and education. Just wonder what Mr. Lazar thinks about these latest revelations by David Grusch.

  22. By the time these upcoming Congressional hearings are over, there will be egg aplenty over some very highly-placed DoD/IC faces. Whether they will be the faces of pro- or anti- Grusch testimony individuals remains to be seen. Too many extremely well-credentialed intelligence officers are backing up Grusch for me to bet against them. I expect to see a run on popcorn when the hearings begin.

    1. Completely agree. When you go back and look at all the old UFO videos of the past such as those on https://www.youtube.com/@EyesOnCinema and then see what astronauts Deke Slaton and Gordon Cooper reported, then I don’t see how anyone can doubt the fact that we are not alone and have been visited by beings from other planets and probably continuing today.

  23. Age of the universe: Approximately 13.8 billion years. Age of the earth around 4.5 billion years.

    There are billions of galaxies and some have life that are more advanced than earth. So, it’s not impossible that beings from other worlds are visiting us.

    Sherlock Holmes: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

  24. I see so many comments believing that we are visited by ETs and my question to these commenters is: With which purpose? Why any advanced civilization would be visiting us, making us notice their presence, and not communicating with us?
    Are we a worthwhile civilization to be studied by a super advanced civilization?
    I don’t think so.
    Did they sent an e-mail or something else in 1947 to start a relationship with the US government?
    We don’t need Carl’s quote to dismiss this new fad…we just need critical thinking.

  25. The comment section to this article gives me hope (more than the article itself) that people are becoming more aware of the (unfortunate) disinformation campaign that the US has been promulgating for decades on this critical subject.

    Consider the world-changing consequences if ETs are acknowledged as real and now among us. The entire political/military power structure on Earth would be upset in a heartbeat. It’s no wonder that the latter is an event those in power here have tried desperately to suppress.

    (Fermi’s Paradox) + (The Drake Equation) + (Open intelligent mind) = very high likelihood that ETs are here among us.

    None so blind as those who, for reasons of their paycheck, military pension, or mental/religious rigidity, refuse to see. And may this whole effort not result in yet just another version of the Condon Report.

  26. Beyond the main question raised here about the evidence or not of an extraterrestrial spaceship or other assets identified by official agencies lays another one : if this existence is real and proofs were found why is it concealed to our citizens? Is there a danger for not communicating the information to them ? What our gouvernment is fearing exactly ?

    1. What if the “aliens” are pre-humans from Antarctica who left Earth when their home froze over, but want to return and reclaim their land when the climate changes and all the ice melts?

  27. The most frustrating aspect of this subject is, where is the United Nations? This is not uniquely an American phenomenon, it is occurring all over the planet. It should not be an American issue with U.S politics and the military industrial complex determining the direction and release of information. As for NASA, well to put it bluntly, NASA (and for that matter also SETI) are a bit of a joke these days, looked upon as hollowed out husks of what they were set up to be. The United Nations should be delving into this seriously, but the chances of that occurring is about as much as NASA calling a press conference to state “we are not alone”.

  28. These craft appeared in significant numbers beginning in the 40s, soon after humans started emitting radio and television signals, and detonating nukes. The US government established its official policy at that time to deny and deflect reports, and to ridicule and threaten witnesses. The government has maintained that policy since. There was legitimate concern of panic (ref Orson Welles’ War of the World broadcast in ’38) and continues to be legitimate concern that our heavily armed populace will start shooting at anything in the sky that they mis-identify that spooked them, or on the ground including little kids dressed as aliens on Halloween. Most humans can handle the truth, many cannot in our armed, beer-drinking, “Idiocracy” society. As a curious, science-guided individual I am looking forward to the truth finally being acknowledged.

    These craft have been seen by the tens of thousands since the 40s including 5,000 mph right-hand turns, silent hover to instant 12,000 mph departure with no sonic boom, one-second descents from 80,000 feet to sea level, and other fantastic maneuvers that clearly are not from human-built craft. I have seen UFOs on two occasions (’01 NC Outer Banks and ’13 over Atlanta Hartsfield Airport), have heard first-hand accounts from contacts (’15 over remote lake in Ontario and ’16 seven silent glowing orange footballs over GA), and several secondhand accounts (’60 father in military told by overnight lookout of USO that paralleled Navy ship, Vietnam-era marine jet pilot buzzed several times by circular, glowing “foo fighters” over the US, and retired Lockheed Martin worker who had ’80s co-worker confide that LM had recovered craft in its possession “and that’s not all”. Once the truth is finally validated it will be the most incredible revelation in the history of humanity… which could be good or bad.

    If the aliens are malevolent there’s not much we can do about it anyway, so we might as well know the truth. It won’t change our day-to-day activities as these craft continue to flit around our skies at will. Certainly to-date they appear benign – probably just visiting out of curiosity and to procure water and desired elements. Note also the wide variety of craft spotted over the decades – disks, orbs, tic tacs, triangles, boomerangs, acorns, delta-shaped, pyramids, square-in-circle, football-shaped, metallic, phosphorous, opaque, etc. If one is to believe what purported abductee Betty Hill claimed in ’61 – that there are “major trading routes” and lesser traveled routes (on which Earth lies), whether interplanetary, interstellar, or interdimensional, there may be many of these beings pit-stopping Earth from many places,

    It is true that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, but there is an awful lot of evidence that has undeniably and systematically been buried by our government for many decades. Personally, I am very much looking forward to confirmation of what is/would/will be our incredible new reality.

  29. Americans pay the salaries of all government agencies and their employee’s. I want to know why this has been kept a secret for so many decades when there’s been thousands of sightings. I think it’s very important the public is made aware of just exactly what’s going on. The public can only be frantic for so long. Most already belive.

    The people that do believe, hope we are able to use the technology for great things. Like endless energy resources & propulsion to name a few.

    I’m really looking forward to what our new friends have to share.

  30. The witnesses cannot publicly provide more details without violating their non-disclosure agreements. It will be impossible for them to provide access to a “smoking gun” i.e. alien spacecraft, etc. This evidence would be highly classified, and if it exists, would not be released in the interest of “national security”.

    There is no doubt in my mind that top defense contractors, security officials and the military will do everything in their power to keep any information regarding crashed spacecraft from becoming public. The intelligence community has done a remarkable job of making eye witnesses afraid to come forward in fear of retribution or being viewed as quacks and nut cases. Of course this has been easy with so many people of questionable integrity reporting sightings and with so many of the sightings easily explained. However, the reports we are getting now come from people with unquestionable credentials and reputations. Eye witness testimony is considered evidence in a court of law. However, it would not surprise me if new documents or information came to light (as part of the disinformation programs employed by our intelligence community) to discredit the current witnesses.

    I think the DOD and defense contractors are afraid proof extraterrestrials exist might lead to a paradigm shift in world politics. If the revelation led to a cessation of hostilities between the countries of the world, how much money and power would defense contractors and the DOD stand to lose. They also stand to gain incredible amounts of money and power by successfully reverse engineering any recovered technology, President Truman warned us decades ago about the impact on democracy of the military industrial complex.

  31. If these phenomena are true and the planet has been visited by other far more advanced entities than ourselves over the last seventy years, such entities obviously have their own reasons and agendas.

    It appears logical in my opinion that are here on a peaceful mission and want to reveal themselves to us. I would presume that their technology would enable them to easily conceal their presence from us if they desired do so. And yet here we are.

    I believe that if they are here they have probably been around much longer than just seventy years. I would say maybe even several hundred years or more. Who Knows?
    I believe that an intelligence of that magnitude would certainly want to know how everything worked down here, especially the relationships between the various individuals and cultures that exist here before any contact is attempted.

    For contact to occur instantly, with the total population of the world now or at any time in the past, considering the number of different cultures and subcultures with their often antagonistic natures leading to strife and warfare, the result would be problematic.

    My thoughts would point to a vague, slow exposure to the general population as may have occured already with the confusing array of sightings and other types of reports that have been occurring for some time. Over time much of the world’s population would at some level be psychologically predisposed to accept without generalized trepidation and even anarchy.

    And it seems logical that some chosen agency of one or more nations would be the first to be directly contacted. And as such, that agency would be charged to engage with and learn from these visitors until the time is right.

    If that time is now, with the tensions of the world reaching dangerously high levels with no end in sight, it just might be our salvation.

  32. If people actually think that we are the ONLY form of life in all the galaxies then obviously they are not too educated. Do the research, they are here, they have been here and they will continue to come here. I highly doubt they were much of a threat until the government made them a threat to us. This is a higher form of intelligence than we are and yet we are chasing and shooting them down for what? Look at the history, hieroglyphs left from every single culture shows they were here and even were comfortable enough in visiting our ancestors to a point of most likely helping them along but instead of looking at the facts and studying the history of it, you still have the cover ups and the nay sayers meanwhile the governments are all making their rules and regulations with them. Speaking with them and representing us to them. Any kind of alien attack or war or whatever u want to call it will be on their heads not ours and that’s just not fair. We should all know the truth and go from there. They have been visiting from the beginning of time so why cover it up? It’s the gullible and the frightened who don’t want to believe what is right in the skies

  33. The Sagan quote is tiresome. Who decides what’s extraordinary? I’d say a majority of my friends and family have seen an unexplainable objects in the sky, including myself. For example craft that move from one position in the sky to another instantaneously. Seeing UAP seems like it’s a pretty ordinary experience. The idea that other beings exist in a possibly infinite universe also seems ordinary and rational. I’d also say that the evidence and witness testimony provided by pilots and military personnel who have no incentive to lie to congress or to even talk about this stuff is pretty damn extraordinary.

    That sagan quote has become shorthand for a successful scientist to say “I’m too chickenshit of hurting my reputation to comment on a topic that has plenty of meat to it, but isn’t traditionally taken seriously.” We put people in jail for life based on less evidence than what we saw/heard from these personnel. Of course we can’t make conclusive statements without conclusive evidence, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss, analyze, theorize, plan, etc. when credible people show us amazing things.

    We don’t know conclusively that the big bang existed or that multiple universes are a possibility, but it doesn’t stop scientists from discussing those topics and putting forth their own guesses on them ad nauseam. If thousands of people were reporting sightings of a rare type of whale in the deep ocean, scientists would have no problem going out to investigate, and get excited about it. They only ignore the wealth of reporting on UAPs because they deem the subject “extraordinary.” It’s their bias that dictates this categorization, not scientific objectivity or rigor.

  34. I am now 81 and do remember newspaper stories of
    UFO’s in local newspapers in late 1940’s, 1950’s and
    1960 and beyond. Why are we the public not told what materials are in these crashed spaceships, Now learning
    About AI I CAN see maybe these nonhuman biologist
    figures are robots of some sort far more advanced than us. 80 years is a real long time for these rumors to persist.
    Government officials should make some sort of statement. I truly think we earthlings in 3023 can handle it,

  35. Jack Bushong from the 1994 Lake Michigan UFO event


    Jonathan Weygandt from the 1997 Peru part of OPERATION LASER STRIKE UFO recovery and crash.

    Have the most information thats new IMHO.

    Jack Bushong described his NWS NOAA radar as being more like a flash light in the dark, unlike FAA radars. He said that UFOs seemed to know where he was pointing his radar and meeting him there.

    LCpl Jonathan Weygandt was able to see the crashed UFO first hand in Peru and described it as alive, which coincides with Grusch’s “biologics” description.

    AOC asked the most pertinent questions re defense contractors and loopholes in the recent UAP hearing, I hope those lists that Grusch promised will lead to more hearings.

    But if you’re new to this and you youtube Google Jack Bushong and Jonathan Weygandt you should be all caught up. of course there are other cases but these two I think are the most interesting.

  36. Mr. David Grusch has not only handed over photos and document evidence, he has knowledge of the DOD sites where the alleged UAP craft and debris he says are located, I watched the separate Congressional Committee where Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick spoke for hours without relaying any relevant information about UAP’s although he denied that AARO were not aware of, or in possession of nonhuman biological remains or indeed had reverse engineered any alien technology or were in possession of Extra Terrestrial Crafts or Debris, He was asked no questions about for example the Alaskan UAP shot down, in fact around that time in February 2023 where the US Airforce shot down another 3 UAP’s, Its been 5 months and the DOD have not updated or commented on these incidents since 19th of February 2023. He was questioned by 3 lady Congresswomen, all about China Russia, and Balloons. How many more balloons Roswell yeh that was a Weather Balloon. Dr. Kirkpatrick has the perfect demeanor and manner of somebody that works undercover, his meeting was perfectly staged, plus why was he not testifying at the same Senate Sub Committee, as the Whistleblowers? This hearing needs to have these sites divulged by Mr. Grusch investigated within 24 hours, or they will mysteriously vanish to some other location. I genuinely believe that it is total arrogance, to not take seriously that there are many species in existence that are light years ahead of us in intelligence and technology. While NASA spends Billions on James Webb trying to find ET, The DOD, Pentagon, and the Government are spending many more Billions in trying to hide and conceal ET from its citizens.

  37. I question the timing of this “revelation.” Why is this just now coming out? Grusch does not strike me as a “whistleblower” — he strikes me as a “yes man.” We are all being diverted by this bright ball while Joe Biden’s massive corruption is sitting right in front of us. That’s how pick-pockets operate.
    Moreover, this information came out dramatically several years ago in a documentary “Phenomenon” which had interviews of those who testified to have seen these oddly shaped, oddly moving space vehicles back in the 50s. Grusch’s testimony seems old news after the documentary.
    I also watched the Corso interview (“The Day After Roswell”) from 25 years ago and hmm…. seriously, he does not strike me as credible. Just a gut reaction.
    Like everyone else, I want to be a believer in UFOs. But the government is tampering with the information.

  38. From key witnesses of the Roswell crash to astronauts, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper to Lt Phillip Corso, to Stanton Friedman ( nuclear physicist), to Travis Walton , and even Russian Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and Canadian Former Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer- and much more know and have said the ET presence is real and our US government secret canal is not only hiding enormous knowledge that we are not alone but keeping earth shattering technology that can save our planet and move us away from fossil fuels, feed the world and change humanity. Thanks to people like Dr. Stephen Greer ( Disclosure Project) and Stephen Bassett (Paradigm Research Project) and other brave people who want disclosure to happen now. It’s time.

  39. Like most cases. Follow the money trail, if it was me I’d probably start some small ordinary new branch in the government system, start a new favorable defense contractor, and/or fund some exotic private start up program! Now this part might take a little effort, referring to the term ‘off the books” or “not all things are as they appear.” Governments and Military don’t tend to be ignorant, and can use threats of extreme measures with horrific effects not only for you but everyone you know, Without a single point of attempt to expose them with a majority of people involved directly or indirectly coming forward. We are at a point i like to refer to as the “sweet spot,” or the time after a secret or cover-up when the people involved who had no personal interest, but sworn or bullied into secrecy, on their death beds or approaching that one way ride shortly, or “whistle-blowers.”

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