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There are 163 comments on Are UFOs Visitors from Space? Government Report Won’t Rule It Out

  1. The article is misleading and not factual. The Government said “their is no evidence to say ufos are alien spacecraft.” That’s different than saying they said it’s not extraterrestrial or that they have ruled it out.

    1. Yup, more fake news and manipulation to skew actual statements. I highly recommend doing some research about the history of UFO’s, various historical artifacts, and listening to credible witnesses before reading this article.

      I would also like to state that I believe recent facts have shifted conspiracy accusers to being the conspiracists themselves.

      1. The actual pilots these vehicles are of world. The thing about this phenomenon as it relates to the public at this point; everyone is equal ground in terms of rendering a theory.

      2. They are here gods my witness it’s in Lodi CA it walked right through my house as if it didn’t care we lived there it was made of lava generating it’s being no nose just eyes see through skin huge head no neck very muscular it’s eyes were black huge I mean it was visible it was bout 8 or 9 feet tall I’m glad I moved cuz it was staying there weird things happened to me and anyone that visited slot if I didn’t see it I wouldn’t say it I believe. In Jesus Christ and I don’t believe God created those it seemedost please tell me if you’ve seen it also people just need to know gods coming soon and the enemy has his workers to scare us just rebuke them in Jesus name believe!!!!!!

      3. You’re correct sir it is to scare us from alien visitors so the American government can take world control.. I mean honestly do you really send military equipment and money to a country to help out and fix their government? No it’s to Americanize their government for easy take over..When has the government ever admitted fault? I do believe some people have seen real ufo but also I believe recently the sightings of ufo are man made replicas of the American government.

      4. I agree with you entirely. Are you aware of the “Hermínio e Bianca” case that took place in Brazil in 1975? They were abducted by a huge spaceship from another planet while traveling in the city of Matias Barbosa, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

      5. I appreciate your point if view. However, the bottom line is that there are many different races of extraterrestrials. People of our world need to come to terms with that fact.

    2. That is how science works, Science needs evidence…Something to rationally examine in order to proceed beyond hypothesis. The tic tac can be rationally explained as electronic warfare – in this case, making our electronics see things that aren’t there, doing things they aren’t doing. The tictacts were observed doing the impossible with electronics, not the human eye. The US had similar technology during the Cuban missile Crisis, and used it against the Soviets. I think we have a pretty good idea what is going on; don’t expect the whole story. Some disinformation is likely. One question for thought – Why would the fleet send up unarmed fighters to examine a real threat? They would not.

      1. No. The Chinese or Russians would already gathered sufficient data. Why would either consistently compel our military intelligence to suspect either one of them, apart from the fact that the Tic Tacs have been observed for 70 years.

          1. Ok, I start off by saying the popular photograph shown here has already been explained. It is an infrared picture of another man-made aircraft and the camera that shot it from a distance can rotate. Also we have instruments for detection that don’t use radar…By the way, the farmer back in 1950 who was reporting a UFO was explaining the strange whirring noise of a helicopter that he was completely unaware of…

            Build a case on where they ( these aliens) would be coming and how they are navigating the vast distances of space without conjuring up something wild and extraordinary like a worm hole or the bending of space. We know we can’t achieve the speed of light so that argument shouldn’t even take place.

            What logic would drive another species to earth? Resources? None appear to be missing? Food? How far would you travel for a gallon of milk? To escape a dying planet? Maybe but if so why haven’t they made contact?

            Why would they “evade” radar when traveling here only to put on lights over some farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? If we are so fortunate to be able to send someone to another planet would we just snoop around, for what 70 years, or get out and kiss the ground for surviving such a journey?

            No doubt there probably are other lifeforms in the universe. Billions of galaxies where life may exist, or has existed, or will exist. We would be separated by vast distances, maybe for good reason To have the opportunity to travel here those life-forms would have to share a relatively small span of time as us. The earth could have been visited a billion years ago, we will never know. After all the universe is old and we humans have finally emerged after a couple billion years or so of evolution.

            To do that evolution needed to overcome all obstacles. Surviving the Chicxulub asteroid blast for one that if just a fraction larger would have wiped out all signs of life here. Surviving plagues, weather, each other to our current level and hoping not to annihilate the world with nuclear blasts. Humanity is fragile. Our earth is in a great location, far enough to avoid space-related dangers. This in itself has allowed evolution to progress.

            To date we haven’t discovered a single blade of grass or evidence of life anywhere else but on earth. No radio signals, no nothing, yet we skip all that and believe UFO’s are wandering the earth, based on grainy photographs and many fake reports. Thanks Hollywood for producing all those creature features. I’ve realized that people would rather set logic aside and believe in the extraordinary.

      2. My thinking on the subject of UAPs is that there have been so many very detailed oral reports by average citizens and appropriately educated and informed citizens and the universe has such an over-abundance of space, stars, and planets for there to be a possibility that not even one has everything it needs to produce living, intelligent beings—fully scientifically oriented beings that could be light years distant from our planet but capable of space navigation to reach us. To me, it is just as reasonable and statistically feasible this off world civilization has reached the stage of development, unlike us, that knows the valuable value of life and its possibilities that they have serious appreciation for the value that all intelligent life forms can add to the cosmological knowledge and creativity of the universe as well as the other life forms that have developed before us and those that come after. Most of the development of technology and useful devices we have seen in, say, the last two-hundred years speaks heavily of where that technology will have developed to within the next 1,000 years or so. Can you try to imagine that growth in 5,000-10,000 years? My honest orojection is that it will prove to be incredible.

        1. If, as you say, we may have been visited by intelligent beings, why have they not responded to the signals/greetings that have been sent from radio telescopes over the past decades since the 1960s? Where are their communications in response? If they have the technology to reach our world from beyond, they should have the technology to understand the messages sent. But as of yet, there has been no response.

          1. That is assuming a lot. So let’s also assume that any intelligent species that is advanced enough to travel many light years to reach our solar system even recognizes the types of communications we are sending out.

            Sure, we send radio wave transmissions and our planet sends out a lot of radiation, but who’s to say they can interpret those signals as, in their eyes, intelligent or feel the need to respond?

            Who’s to say they don’t have their own rules about interfering with developing civilizations by exposing them to sufficiently advanced technology?

            Then there is the assumption that they haven’t responded. When has any government of any country ever disclosed something that monumental to its citizens about anything? The answer is never. If the aliens were intelligent enough they would have contacted the governmental leaders, and then the leaders would work to make sure that the information never reached the public unless forced to do so.

    3. I agree, people here are very misleading. I am a physicist and do jot agree with some of their ‘assumptions’. What right it evidence do they have to assume any ET arrive from a very distant planet. One of the inteligence guys said the other day that the technology encountered was not from the USA and highly unlikely from a foreign ‘adversary’ So what exactly does this leave, my fellow physicists? Aldi, how do they explain a highly experienced ‘top gun’ pilot eyeballing a tic tac shape 40ft ‘object’ that approached him at speed and vanished in the blinking an eye?? In case they do not get it, such pilots are trained observers, not being easily fooled by a ‘threat’ that maybe 100 miles away!! This object was close enough to be identified just like he described. I find it almost embarrassing that another scientist is so apparently bias to the obvious truth without more clear evidence. The pilots in the Nimitz incident were blien out of their minds, one saying “they’re not from this world”

      1. Leaping to the conclusion that something unidentified is of alien origin just because we cannot currently explain it, to me, is ludicrous. You are literally jumping to the least likely conclusion drawn from the evidence at hand.

          1. Let’s stop pretending we are not looking at exactly what are seen. flying objects that have incredible flight characteristics, such as movie at right angles at high speeds. able to avoid our best ship to sky radar on demand. Block our optical and ranging weapontry upon will. etc. To travel at hypersonic speeds offworld, transworld, multi-phasic, and on and on. Let’s stop calling it something we know, and calling them the phenomena they are, so we can study them with science, not majic.

        1. In 1974, My brother, his wife and I witnessed a UFO incident in a field behind his home. I was recently returning from military service so I was a guest for a few days.
          My impression of the event left me with a desire to learn more about them. So in the following years, I researched anything in regard to the subject. I have been a tech my entire life so when evidence was introduced I would try to reverse engineer it. It was my impression that – gravity was cancelled. The machines, which they were, could remain motionless as if gravity had zero effect. My assessment was a zero mass vehicle capable of propulsion by no visible means. The surface on one remaining motionless was blurry with black shadow waves rippling from center to the edges of the disk and strobing light around the perimeter. It was so bright it had a false color effectthat penetrated my eyelids and my handwhen viewed directly. When it moved, it moved with precision and converged with two others rotating seemingly, around an invisible axis. They slowly rotating in unison. When they left, it was straight up into the sky at dusk and their acceleration was instantaneous. They left visible sight seemingly in a second dimming as they went. Before government disclosure, stories such as this were “swamp gas” or a helicopter or just plain bullshit. My older brother told me not to tell anyone. “They’ll just whink we are nuts.” He was right.

          1. Hello, I also want to tell you something similar, it was in 2007, I was almost 17, I was born and raised in the remote Siberian outback. it was in January 2007, as I remember this miracle now, the time was 22:30, it was dark outside. our village is located next to the river and beyond the river there are mountains. I went outside to prepare firewood for the stove, stood with my back to the mountains. for about ten minutes I was burning firewood then suddenly stopped and something felt or something made me turn around, I turn around and see a bright glowing ball rise from behind the mountains, secnd 5 I saw how it slowly rose, then it flew very quickly into the sky, airplanes do not fly like that that’s for sure. I still wanted to explore that area, but I never found the time for it.

          2. I’m one of 2 homes in Sw Florida in a heavily wooded area and they are here. All kinds. They don’t bother us and are all around using some kind of invisible technology. I have noted shaved bottom of light bulbs and lots of other things. I’m just welcome to them and I’m getting the feeling they are as interested in us as we are them. Harmless! However capable of so much more! Amazed by my eyes daily!

      2. You are of course correct Alan. However, a physicist ought to have a better grasp of the English language – don’t you think?

    4. Let’s face it,the “Worldgovernment” with all it’s fascinating technology is just a bunch of human beings who can’t picture themselves being lesser than anyone or anything…The fact is that all of us is just one of Earths Extraterrolestrial Chemistry Masterpiece…? Can we really be sure that out of Billions of years of Chemistry on astronomical scales, That the Most intelligent lifeforms are Beings who are afraid of being looked at as unintelligent

    5. It’s a Russian hypersonic missile . That’s why there is only ONE image of it. It’s really fast and the next frame it was in the water. The front half is a carbon based composite. Instead of silly little tiles that fall apart and fly off when the heat melts the adhesion, The front half is almost entirely a heat diffuser/deflector that burns away as the missile zips through the atmosphere.

      You can see an artstic representation of it in the original Planet of the Apes, when the basic shape was concieved. If you know the Massachusetts coastline you can see the resemblence to where it crashed off the coast of Mass.They colors are our local Hockey team.

      If you think it’s a UFO, its either Russia and her partners or it is identified by US. This image was a Russian test that was done with the USA watching.

      Not much can fly between stars because there are 2 gravity fields. Aliens can send sperm and eggs to mix up when they get here. Jellyfish might make it but thats about it.

      NO, you cant regulate the pressure for the 6000 years it would take a frozen person to make the journey to the nearest star.

      1. “Hypersonic”
        We had hypersonic craft in the 1960s. SR71 was Mach3+
        Unmanned were double that. The Catalina Island event were 15,000 kph and did so underwater. We do not have and hypersonic torpedoes.
        “In the Nimitz incident, radar operators say they tracked one of the UFOs as it dropped from the sky at more than 30 times the speed of sound.”
        The Russians didn’t make that.
        The event in quotes went underwater too.

    6. This seems all so primitive. “Land on the white house lawn.” The worldview which has served us passingly for centuries is not a worldview which can grok mind, biology, or the existence of the universe. The present worldview whistles happily towards species extinction. It places wholly fictitious magic numbers called money above truth, justice or life itself.

      You frame questions about intelligences which primarily exist beyond spacetime, with a worldview hardly advanced over that of George Custer.

      It’s late… I’ll merely refer you to the work of Dr. Donald Hoffman, conscious realism, and the implications this has about looking for aliens from within our four dimensional species specific interface.

      Happy hunting, Odysseus.


  2. Obvious this debate is a joke.There is so much more info pertaining to the UFO and the alien story here.
    The Grays are here piloting the ships .and not the only race here either.Bob Lazar talked about decades ago.Element 115.Antimater and the ability to creat and amplify gravity.super speed 90 degree turns ping pong like.
    Ascending and descending thousands of feet in seconds?ya its gotta be Russia!.
    These beings are a good thousand years ahead of us so let’s make that clear.The people that have had encounters with the Grays throuout history have all stated.Their stories never deviate details.Always the same.
    Large black eyes.Short with big heads. And are capable of complete control over us and our governments have covered it up because they are helpless.
    They are not from this planet.Period.They have been visiting here for thousands of years.
    They have their agenda.

    1. Mark,
      I absolutely agree with your comments. I KNOW what I saw. The “craft” was simply too large to be suspended in mid-air, only to zoom away in the blink of an eye. December 11, 2014 – at dusk. I shall never forget it.

    2. Hey Mark, well said. There can be no doubt that these mechanical devices were not designed, developed, and flown in our air space by any terrestrial country’s scientific knowledge. There is a slight possibility that the creation of these machines have been discovered by a terrestrial nation (-s); however, considering the number of different shapes, sizes, and movements, not probable.

      As long as it has been since just the Roswell Incident, it could be within the realm of possibility that some nation of the earth might—might—have retro-created a workable flying device but I point out the word, slight.

      After all the above being said, I believe there is more chance of my jumping from the ledge of a 20-story building while flapping my arms frantically and landing safely several miles away onto the roof of another tall building. I believe that we will be approached (we meaning the entire globe) and a new age of information and invention will transpire. Time will tell eventually.

  3. This article is flat out wrong. The forthcoming report is believed to conclude that the government is concluding/admitting that the technology is not United States top-secret or black box. It is likely to not rule out non-human intelligence. If you’re going to recycle headlines for your own blog, at least do your research.

    1. Okay so before I get to the report I want to say as a believer in the Creator the most high God the person of faith though I don’t enable myself as of any particular religion I think it’s completely arrogant of us and belittling to God you think that the creator of all things in the universe created that whole great big expanse of matter and antimatter and planets and stars and this is the only one that he put life on. If you believe in God then you also believe that he does nothing without a purpose so why would he create all of that if this was the only planet that he was going to put life on? Just food for thought. I also believe that it gives people a faith a poor image to say that God couldn’t have or wouldn’t have created other life of intelligence anywhere else in the universe it’s ignorant and it’s arrogant or maybe that should be the other way around but whatever. As a proud American and the child as a child who grew up as an Air Force brat that with our spying technology which I like electronics and the assets on the ground that we would know about such technology long before it ever became operational and able to get up and do the air also I would like to say that I don’t believe it either China or Russia Russia doesn’t have the financial capability to produce such technology and keep it secret from us at the same time and China still all of our technology so they’re not developing anything on their own so they had such technology it’s based on technology that they stolen from us and therefore we would be able to recognize it. And there’s a third option that no one’s considering maybe they’re not extra terrestrials and spaceships or Time travelers or any other kinds of being that’s not biblical no one’s considered the thought that maybe their angels so this is the real truth none of us know and that our government does know they’re not going to tell us anyway but I agree with the statement that the pilot are trained observer these are our best of the best that we trust with our best defensive equipment or most expensive defensive equipment efficient defensive equipment that equipped with the best sensors and observation equipment that we have and no one else can touch us right now as far as that goes so if these pilots are saying that what they’re observing with their eyes and what their sensors are recording say that there’s something 40 feet away that came from behind them at speed and then being the impossible maneuvers and then took off at the blink of an eye before they could even think about getting a lock it’s something that we might want to consider and we might want to be open-minded and are consideration of it.

      1. Could you please say this again in actual sentences, with correct spelling and punctuation, and proper use of homophones? It is hard to understand in its present form.

  4. We better hope these UAPS that have been flying in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades, are Extraterrestrial. Because if these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then America is in BIG TROUBLE!

    If these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then our Intelligence agencies, should All be FIRED! Because these UAPS have been sighted in American Air Spaces for Decades!

    And how can the UAP Task Force Report say that they know the UAPS are Not Extraterrestrial, when they also said, that they Don’t know what these UAP objects are? Their statement, doesn’t make Any sense!

    And for anyone to say, that they know How or What Extraterrestrials would THINK, or do, or how their Science and Technology would be, cannot REALLY know what other Intelligent Life forms, would do or behave, or Think. So for Scientist to say that they know why Aliens do THIS or do THAT, makes NO sense! Because we are basing things like that, on OUR LOGIC and Thinking! But we have NO idea, how other Intelligence life forms might Think or logic!

    1. If its Russia or China…..then we are already in a state of was as these crafts have openly violated our air space, and are doing so on a daily basis. If its another earth based nation, it would be safe to say we are already under attack.

    2. My favorite line is they would have landed on White House lawn and said hello. I’ve read stories of unusual sightings over White House 1952? I was an infant at the time. Too many unanswered questions not to mention James Forrestal and Admiral Richard E Byrd my favorite real life Captain Nemo? SHALOM

    3. Kenny…best reply by far. What we don’t understand we tend to rationalize to whatever understanding we do have. Our govt tells us nothing to little about anything..Fact. Why would we believe they aren’t taking this phenomenon seriously. In the 60s it was a discussion as my grandfather worked for Grumman Aerospace. I myself lived in a rural L.I.NY suburb, where circle of grass were in our property…like an indentation of a circular object that had landed. Many sighting of unexplained objects in the sky were reported.
      People are afraid of the unknown. The only way to explain is to discredit belief of other life forms than earthlings. We know so little about the vast space and only have ventured out minimally, mars, the moon and yet, there are galaxies we still have yet to discover.
      I think it’s arrogant and superficial to believe we are IT!! I personally am Not a sci-fi fan and being in the medical profession, tend to believe in science and fact, yet, even my field, we are learning more each year. My God, we still know barely anything about the brain, and how it works or doesn’t.
      So, having said that, there is too much we don’t know about much, to say, there is no extraterrestrial life.
      One day, we will admit that for a very long time, we have suspected we are not the only life in the universe, one small 0lanet in a vast space we barely have traveled.
      Don’t expect our govt to admit our inaptitude or inabilities to yet understand what we don’t
      Scientists are our salvation. Just like with COVID-19 and other life threatening viruses, we are still learning.
      Roswell, and so many other areas are trying to understand and no way will the govt release info to the public simply because most people are too daft to comprehend, panic easily and like we’ve seen lately, we got a whole lotta crazies already spreading insanity.
      Let the scientists do their job, govt needs to shut up and allow the studies and for now, don’t admit or deny life exists other than our tiny blue planet.

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  5. Terrible article, didn’t even want to finish reading it. I personally have seen a UFO long ago (mid 80s) it was a triangular one and the flying behaviour was something out of this world… if some people keep thinking is a foreign country technology well .. the situation would be extremely absurd to have “hidden” such a technology from the 80s and they still don’t know what might be ??? hahaha
    ludicrous really.. Please stop talking on something you have not seen !!!

    1. UFO does not equal alien, but also does not rule it out. Poorly written article.
      Admiral Baird warned of this decades ago, we need to be ready to fight ships that can fly from pole to pole in minutes.
      Mostly everyone is guessing, very few already have the answers.
      Will those in the know ever share? Unlikely. There will likely be many more gesture reports to counter leaked intelligence and to pacify the masses. We have been weighed measured and deemed
      unfit to process this information by the ruling classes
      Little more than mushrooms kept in the dark and fed crap.
      Trillions of Tax dollars spent on Dark gov projects home grown or external finally coming to fruition , aliens scouts, Ancient inner earth race, Atlantans coming back up for air , remnants of a resurgent Nazi party take your pick which is easier for you to process, which will help you sleep better tonight take your pick because I believe the truth will only ever be known when a government crumbles and breaks rank in a bid to buy back the trust of its subordinates!

  6. Author should do some fact checking here. You’ve twisted what the sourcing is saying. Nothing has been “ruled out” according to every major outlet.

  7. A lot of people have speculated, that more Advanced Extraterrestrial life forms, would view us like we view Animals here on Earth; as less Advanced life forms, to VIEW and monitor our behavior and Habits; like the way we Montinor and Track Animals behavior in the wild.

    This is a very good Theory. Because like how we Montinor and Track animal Behavior in the wild; and even implant Tracking devices on Animals, to track their behavior patterns; a much more Advanced life form, might look at us as a Experiment, to Observe our Progress and Behavior; and Not really want to interfere with us in order to Contaminate the Experiment.

    That is why, there is probably very little Contact or Landing of these UFOs, from these possible Extraterrestrial life forms. They are Monitoring us as a Species.

    Think about it!

    And another point. Many people and Scientist, are using Human Logic, to TRY to make sense of how we think, that other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or act. We have No idea, how other Intelligence life forms might Think or behave, or how Advanced their Technologies could be! So for Scientist to think that THEY would know how other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or their Logic, is not right. Scientist are making a BIG assumption, that other UFO life forms, would think like us. And we really have NO IDEA; how, or what other Extraterrestrial life forms, would think or Behave based on THEIR logic.

    1. The whole animal metaphor to me is silly. We do track and tag animals we think we are much smarter than, but we have yet to track one that figured out how to split the atom! As primitive as we might be, playing on the atomic/sub atomic (which is next) plane is serious business for any life form. You now can leverage the power to blow up a planet. If you couple that with the balls and desire we showed to get beyond our skies into the vacuum of space and land on the moon using incredibly crude and dangerous techniques that they would know-we would know could kill us in a second-yet we went and came back anyway-I have to conclude, that even an incredibly advanced civilization would have to take stock of the long term implications of where that road could eventually lead. If they are really here and revealing themselves to us, its not to perform biology experiments which they can do anywhere, It may just be time for us to begin to understand the true nature of the wilderness, the final wilderness, that envelopes us.

      1. I like the direction your response is taking, Windell. The only rhing I would add to it would be that once we have the technology to leave the bounds of our own solar system, there will be an endless amount of realities we shall discover to equal the lack of boundaries we will discover existing to stop our discoveries. As in the words of the song by the duo called, “The Carpendars” We’ve Only Just Begun.

      1. Also Fitbit unidentified Ariel phenomenon is technology from a adversary Nation and its electronic warfare devices or delivery systems as suggested by one of the authors why did they let the planes electronics and radar and cameras observe them? Why didn’t they shut down the electronics of the planes that were chasing them and the ships that were tracking them and? Also going back to my previous comment as far as extraterrestrial intelligent life why is it that we are so arrogant as humans to believe that any life that would come from a different planet has to be hostile especially towards a species a life form that is probably at best considered to be at the most primitive level of advancement we don’t even understand our own biology and we are discovering thousands of new species every day on our own planet so if we don’t know everything that is even on our planet much less everything about those things that are on our own planet or in our own universe around Galaxy or neighborhood of the space how do we assume that any other form of life from a planet hundreds or thousands of light years away has to be hostile maybe they just consider it so primitive and ignorant that they just show up every couple of decades to make sure that we’re still not a threat to the rest of the galactic society. And I question the wisdom of assuming that anything that is not from Earth or biologically familiar to us has to be hostile and dangerous.

    2. Fine Kenny, but do our animals have nuclear weapons? It has looked obvious for some time that these ‘UFOs’ are really interested in our nuclear capability, even shut down some missile silos way back. Plus activated Russian silos too.

    3. 100% Kenny.
      I feel someone is checking us out… After seeing a large silver sphere craft hovering silently above the house across the street from my house, it is obvious these varying craft or UFOs are not just watching military activities. Why would it bother observing a normal boring suburban area? Yet many people have reported seeing them above homes, cars, in back yards, farms and flying over beaches/oceans. The Nimitz incident is just the first officially recognized encounter – but from reading other stories it seems there have been many more before and since this encounter. If it is new technology then why were there incidents earlier on back in the 1960s and earlier such as the Westall School sighting where witnesses said three craft were performing manoeuvres very similar to the Tic tac UFOs. I doubt that kind of human technology would have existed back then. Personally I think there are just too many reports to dismiss these as being just from earth… somebody is telling porkies!

      1. Westall School in a suburb of Melbourne Australia was a very interesting situation where there were so many witnesses.
        Watched a TV interview of women who had been children at the time, what their body language / facial expressions said as well as what they had to to say, convinced me we have been visited by highly intelligent life from beyond this planet.
        Saw a UFO one afternoon about early June 2021 before dusk fly low over the trees in front of me ( plus other cars ) and across the highway about 30 kms south of Nowra NSW. Australia
        It had a red and green light either side but in between so many very bright while lights I could not determine the shape of the craft.

  8. Those two guys did zero research on this topic- yet as they claim to be „experts“- think they have to speak on this topic… David Fravor, a USA fighter-pilot and his whole crew interacted with such an unidentified aerial phenomenon. (again him an the whole squadron he was flying with). You can listen to an interview with him on lex-Fridman.

  9. I admire Jack’s frankness but the headline should read ‘Where is the rest of the data?’. This is a concerning event. if it is electronic warfare and this is the best guess coming from an individual who wishes to be thought of as kookless…How did the object know the Cap point of the pilots in question? I would recommend reading Dr.Jack Sarfatti’s paper on recent advances in post quantum physics. There is some excellent analysis out there and I wonder what the true objective of this unbiased article is.

  10. Absolutely false: the report says that their is no proof that it is extraterrestrial, but it can’t be ruled out. Saying that that can’t confirm that it is alien technology in no way a conclusive statement that it is man-made. It could be inter-dimensional or time-travelers, space-travelers or simply some unknown natural occurrence such as particles observed to pop in and out of existence at the quantum level. None of which can “at this time” proven or disproven, and the report does not even indicate that they’ve ruled out alien technology. It simply says they’ve found no evidence it is alien technology.

    1. Most scientists agree that the universe started with the big bang around 14or so billion years ago,therefore logically any sort of life would have started about the same time give or take a. Couple of million years therefore if they evolved on a similar time scale to us their technology would not have advanced that much more than us or even less.So the fantastic speeds they supposedly travel at would be unrealistic;and that’s assuming they went down a similar evolutionary route.I actually don’t think there is any other life in the universe improbable as that may seem.Reason no tangible proof that you could identify as alien.No photos that you can rely on as hard evidence,and no obvious signals that would prove extra terrestrial communication.Set I have been scanning the skies for at least forty years;nothing tangible.I would be extremely surprised if they find any life anywhere in space except contamination from earth.The evidence or lack of it bears this out.

      1. Slight correction Keith, humans have only been here, or started to evolve about 5 million years ago, and around 400,000 years in our present form. So another species could have started many millions of years before us, AND achieved that advanced technology that we see today. There is no reason alien development started similar to us, far from it. Myself, like most scientists now believe the universe may well be teaming with life, but most possibly far different to us. There are many planets, 6 billion estimate currently that are earth like. What’s the odds, Keith?

  11. ‘Land on the White House lawn and say hello’ is an extremely short sighted anthropocentric argument; and this is coming from an astronomer? No wonder they don’t talk to us. 8 billion monkeys killing each other and their only planet. There’s obviously no point talking to that, as if we would listen.. How about it’s not about humans at all, clearly you don’t have to be an astronomer to know we’re the only planet in the neighborhood with obvious life on it. How about the rarity of life in the universe being a bit more interesting than some white painted shack? If some of these UFOs are actually from another planet they react to us exactly as they should, like we run away when wasps show up.

    1. Over 90% of the US public thinks they’re probably ET. Let’s dispense with the “Land on the White House Lawn” garbage – so egotistical as if we would be the center of ET’s universe.

  12. Indeed, the title is completely wrong. The gov. did not say it’s not from outer space. They just said they can’t confirm wether it is or it is not.

  13. Where did government say what you claim?

    I don’t any report released yet, have you seen it or
    do you have some little black book insider information?

    You don’t know what your talking about sir.

  14. Your headline is incorrect. The government said they had no evidence UAP’s were extraterrestrial but could not rule it out either. Similarly they have no evidence that the technology is terrestrial.

  15. Embarrassingly bad.

    The premise- that the US gov’t has ruled out alien technology- isn’t even correct.

    Why bother writing anything if you have no interesting in learning even the basic information required for discourse?

  16. I agree with Neil- the government’s statement left an extraterrestrial origin a possibility while stating that there is no definitive evidence that UAPs represent either extraterrestrial or foreign technology.

    I’ve seen this disingenuous conclusion that it couldn’t possibly be aliens from multiple outlets, and think perhaps that the people writing these articles are too eager to present a ‘reasonable’ position. However, it’s hardly reasonable to draw conclusions from a report that quite deliberately did not come to one.

    Instead, we need to start refining our framework of the world based on the raw data, rather than what currently makes sense to us. The reality is that multiple highly credible witnesses, both civilian and military, corroborated by the latest in radar, surveillance and tracking technologies, have observed craft making 90 degree turns on a dime, at speeds approaching 13,000 MPH. If you’re going to make the argument that it can’t be extraterrestrial, I would think you should have a good answer for why there’s such a huge technological gap between that and the best of Western avionics wthout any intermediate steps.

      1. I think if extraterrestrials had the technologies to travel light years in through space they would have no reason to fear our technology because compared to theres it would be simple in comparison.Humans have massive egos and think we are the best..The government has lied to the public for so long its more likely that they would lie than be truthful..I strongly believe in the probability of extraterrestrials because all you need to do is look at the massive amount of money the government spent trying to convince us its impossible when in reality its very likely humans are not the only species and for that matter we kill our own kind for pointle reasons and i hope they may be here to teach us a better way of living.We are the only species that intentionally kill eachother on a massive scale over money.I call that a not so intelligent species.

  17. These are scientists? They are making conclusions that these are not alien vehicles, yet they have no evidence to rule that out, and no evidence to support that it is man-made technology either. If one limits the possibilities based on a preconception that it couldn’t be other-worldly then one isn’t practicing the scientific method. Every possibility should be on the table and studied without bias. There are dozens of Airforce pilots who are trained to observe and identify threats who have made made observations of these craft which are confirmed with radar data. The craft are reported to have no observable propulsion systems, no wings or rotors, and instant acceleration beyond anything currently possible. To diminish the observations of trained Airforce pilots and claim that these are just glitches in our radar is not only an insult to the pilots but leaving out half the equation. The only nefarious explanation would be that this is a psyops operation by the US military and the pilots are part of a plan feed disinformation to an adversary, or an attempt to secure government funding for another black budget project. Seems unlikely, but that should be on the table too.

  18. This article is embarrassing. From the headline through the body, it extrapolates false conclusions from the forthcoming pentagon report. All the report is deemed to have said is that we don’t know what these objects are, full stop. It’s basic elementary school reading comprehension. It’s unfortunate these people are given such a public voice.

  19. Exceptionally misleading title and commentary. As mentioned above, NYT reports indicate that the US government can find no evidence that the UAP incidents have extraterrestrial origins. That doesn’t rule out extraterrestrial origins. This is rudimentary science here, folks. I’d expect far more rigorous analysis from an institution of your reputation.

  20. It’s difficult to say aliens are here because it’s partly a psychological issue in that we suddenly realize we are not top of the heap. Of course, that’s not a valid reason. Effectively, I think “disclosure” has happened but there’s resistance and acceptance on various levels. Like a rogue family member nobody wants to talk about!

    The US DOD has said they are unidentified, a scientific point implying multiple experts have studied and failed to identify, and that it’s not US tech. Luis Elizondo recently revealed reports of Tic-Tac shaped objects being observed by pilots over many decades ago so clearly this rules out Chinese or Russian tech. If we’re truly honest to ourselves we know the latter two countries are red herrings – perhaps if we leave this option open we don’t have to mention the dreaded “alien” word.
    Frankly, I think we’ve become too comfortable with ourselves as truth finders in reality. Quantum leaps in paradigm changes are difficult. Why not embrace what is on display here – discover new technology, extend physics, see ourselves as one species in some kind of extended culture in the universe?

  21. The headline to this is misleading. The government doesn’t say UAP isn’t from space – simply that they don’t have evidence that those things, whatever they are, are ET. It’s not ruled out at all.

    1. You’re right, Ishva. No one has ruled out extraterrestrials yet. But nor have they ruled them in, since they’re done nothing but debunk every honest ET witness report to date. Why? If the truth were to out, they’d be unable to justify the trillions spent so far on a military force that couldn’t even defeat the weakest nation on this planet. A good Sousa march and a ton of bullshit is the answer to that problem. Then you can go on spending to keep the rich happy (and the population poor). My intuition says they’re coming to see us, free of all the hide-and-seek of the past. When all the dust settles, and they’ve closed us down for our own protection, we’ll see just why Goethe and Voltaire said our planet is the lunatic asylum of the universe.

  22. Weinstein and Bania don’t seem to have taken into account the verified reports by US Navy pilots, all trained observers, who actually visually sighted and chased these objects that were also being painted by shipboard radar systems. Objects that they witnessed performing ‘impossible’ manuvers while accelerating at ‘impossible’ speeds.

  23. This article give the exact opposite impression of what has been said by the Pentagon. The preliminary look at the government report stated, there was no direct evidence to say one way or another. This itself is a spin; then you guys distorted the message even further. Moreover, It includes conclusions based on presumptions we could understand and predict the intentions and logic of ‘little green men’. Such a narrow minded, arrogant , and short sighted evaluation, I’m shocked this was included, let alone getting final word.

  24. all these intelligent possible answers and ending with basically
    “if they were intelligent aliens they would land on the white house lawn, not observe us from afar, and therefor here is your proof there is no ufo/alien”.

    Dumbest comment ever, and proof that no matter how intelligent
    people are/think they are, they are as biased as anybody else.

    Debating another more intelligent point: it could be electronic warfare, but not in cases where multiple fighter jets from multiple angles had direct visuals on a ufo and can describe it as metalic and solid. That is NOT electronic warfare.

    These people are not open at all, they’re simple at the opposite end of the spectrum of those who believe in everything being a ufo, but JUST AS RIGIDLY CLOSED minded.

  25. Why is a reputable university quoting “experts” who flatly acknowledge their ignorance on this subject? It’s also closed minded with a shocking statements of bias “I don’t want to look like a kook”. Fact check, the govt HASN’T concluded what in particular, these recent reports are…they’ve only said simply they don’t know if they are from our adversaries or something else. That is NOT the same as “definitely not extraterrestrial”, which again they haven’t stated in black and white terms, which again may or may not be the case. Do your own research, read the books from Leslie Kean, Allen J Hynek and Richard Dolan. Read the conclusion from the French GEPAN report of 1978 stating this is a very real phenomenon that is very likely not man made. Listen to our military pilots and astronaut reports, the TRUE professionally trained and experienced folks making these reports. It’s extremely hard to look at the abundance of well documented evidence and not scratch your head this is something beyond explainable in traditional terms. The machine fighting to keep the status quo narrative is wobbling and its embarrassing. Do your own homework, make your own conclusions and always be wary of debunkers, especially these random, uninformed “experts”, on this topic.

  26. This headline is wrong. The government said no such thing. It has no evidence one way or the other. Please fix your misleading headline and practice journalistic integrity.

  27. Of the many articles that I read about the upcoming UAP report, this article is for sure one of the worst I have read. Both the writer and the people that he interviews have not done their homework and as a result make stupid comments.

  28. Ask yourself this question ? Why hasn’t one of these pilots or ships for that matter, locked onto these targets and engaged them? The fighters could have easily armed their weapons and fired. Fear of retaliation by who? Aliens. If it were Russian or Chinese blow it out of the sky and ask questions later. We didn’t know ? we couldn’t raise it visually or by radio. We believed it to be a hostile threat. Now the moment that UFO felt it was being targeted i’m sure their technology so advanced would override the frequency to arm the missiles and shut down the fighters avionics and weapons systems etc. They know this? these are not from our world ,that’s why no attempt has ever been made to engage them.
    We now have a Space Force? sure Russia and China are advancing on us, but not like this. They fear what is out there.
    Remember in the end, we are just like Sid Meier’s civilization to the aliens..the game isn’t over yet until they don’t want to play anymore and its quickly approaching the end.

  29. One of the things that’s hard to explain is that the maneuvers made by these craft, or whatever they are, are not a recent thing. Objects making similar impossible maneuvers…well, the sightings on those goes back to the days when we used vacuum tubes in radios. So to try and explain them away as ‘new or advanced technology developed by foreign power’ doesn’t really wash. The only difference between back THEN and TODAY is that we have developed enough of our own technology to get better pictures, and to track them more accurately.

    We’re getting close, as they say. But we don’t have enough evidence yet to say exactly what they are and where they come from. But with more pressure from the public to explain them rationally, and a huge uptick in interest in gathering the information necessary to do that…an explanation is going to show itself sooner or later.

    Robert M. Blevins – Part time sci-fi author and UFO buff :)

    1. I came from a little Island call Barbados, and I was about 7years old.it was about 7pm in the evening, we call it night, because at this time of the evening it got very dark n the stars were out . Me and my sister were out in our yard taking clothing off the line from washing we heard a sharp hissing coming towards us it came from above ,we look up and saw two round disc looking dark shapes flying behind each other,we never saw anything moving so fast in our lives. And later other people were saying they just saw two flying saucers. And people spoke for weeks I am 85yearsnow and have never saw anything like it again but I know it was not seen since .

  30. So I’m hearing two possibilities: Foreign “advanced” technology, (and I’ll include “advanced” technology by our own government) OR extraterrestrials. How many have considered a third alternative: Real beings that inhabit our world who are getting ready to IMPERSONATE extraterrestrials? The Bible speaks of “demons” (which are real angelic beings who have rebelled against God) and are able to shape shift and appear in human form, or otherwise. Sound ridiculous? No more than “extraterrestrials” playing games with us. According to the Book of Revelation the most destructive plagues are about to come to this earth. A result of choices we human beings are making. And according to Revelation Chapter 13, a man (human being) will arise just when things get desperate, to promise peace and order for the whole world. If the human population as a whole is terrified into believing we could become extinct, (for example after the approaching China/US nuclear war) then the demons can come claiming to be the “seeders of our race.” Do I sound like a “kook”? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    1. You are right on. These supposed aliens are simply fallen angels and have been here a very long time. They are interdeminsional and preparing for the great deception. Everyone will welcome them for hope in our upcoming upset world.. Beware.

  31. The question posed is “Are UFO’s visitors from space?”

    The most obvious answer is not “yes”, it is “no”, & that these advanced technologies are clearly from Earth and this advanced engineering species hardly ever enter space at all.

    Their origins, as it is for most of us, are that of refugees, except they are from a doomed & long since perished star system, whose sun died tens thousands or more years ago, and we hold on this planet today the last remaining survivors of a very ancient non-terrestrial race. Stars die all the time and for civilizations hoping to survive this natural process, they would not simply wait for death if there were other alternatives.

    Just go figure the numbers… millions of elder civilizations searching for new homes among the stars. Only such a marooned species would have the technical capabilities, would bother to come here knowing the perils of such a journey & that there was no way of going back for them. So now, for good or ill, they cohabit with us.

    To get to Earth they have most probably have estavated on the long journey here for thousands of years, & are bearers & custodians of a culture & technology anywhere up to a million years in advance of our present day technical achievements. For them that would be a blink in the eye of the age of this Universe, a daunting concept for most of us here on the Earth, but “nothing” to any elder civilization such as theirs.

    They would be concerned with our war technologies because they threaten them just as much as they do all of us, & because they are not as powerless as the majority of our species to resist this insane urge to self destruction – they are not as willing as we are to go quietly into the night and are prepared to tell us so in less diplomatic terms if pressed. That is why they are so interested in the military technologies & why they seemingly stalk them day & night.

    1. Goodelf, they are interested and concerned of our nuclear capabilities since WWII, that’s why more have been seen since then. They have a right to be worried, haven’t they? Likewise most of us too!

      1. Yes, that is true, they have rights & some of them might find our activities very dangerous. But they have been around for centuries & they appear to wish to be left alone since they usually only want attention when it is strictly on their terms alone. I am not sure their current low profile posture is in any way negotiable. Their current residence in this World would be one where we can’t go, I am certain they have hidden themselves from us with great success & will probably remain that way. We have no “right” to tell them what they should be doing, they come & go as they please.

        As a species we might not rate as intelligent life, we may only rate as being very dangerous wildlife. The chance of unfortunate accidents during encounters is very high if we presume to think humans should be in total charge here. That pride might actually be interpreted as gross arrogance. As permanent long established residents they have a right to put their point before us all, I think they have already done that & this is a point that would not be lost on any current posturing military power.

        If they have made the long journey from tens of thousands of light years away, we are of very limited amusement to them & we should not tease them excessively. We might need their assistance in the future if we come up against something we can’t handle, such as the event of a comet potentially hitting the Earth. Mi casa es tu casa. However they are not here to do our laundry. The so called “Five Observables” indicate they are vastly in advance of our current civilization. Add that sixth observable, the ability to anticipate everything we do before we even know what we are doing ourselves, indicate there is little they don’t already know about us.

  32. Clearly the astonomy community is myopic. Explain the radar plus thousands of people from all parts of the world at all different times in history. Sure I get it they have to land on your front porch and you still think they dressed for halloween. Wake up.

    1. There have been incidents where reports of the same UFO’s have been filmed from 3 different ground directions, this means the images are less likely to be fake

  33. What a horrific article. So many contradictions and conflations.

    The government, did NOT state it wasn’t UFOs – they said they couldn’t prove it was – but can’t rule it out.

    Bania: “I’m questioning the interpretation of the data, they never told us how far away these things are”.

    Actually they did – and they also revealed how far they had travelled in certain time frames. And also – today’s radar is phenomenally accurate. It auto-calculates speed FOR you. The distances are also provided.


  34. Reading this was a total waste of my time. I thought I was in for a well-grounded read, only to find out all too soon this is yet another lesson in blinkered dismissal of facts in favor of biased so-called “Scientific” option!

    Very amateur and disappointing article..I won’t be visiting this site again and I’m sure those I know won’t either, once they read this piece of misleading drivel.

  35. This was laughable in it’s poorly formed logic. The emphatic statements of “well it certainly ISNT….” are so many claims with out evidence. it’s making the extraterrestrial argument stronger. and this coming from a .edu website strips future credibility from said site and organization. Boston university, so clearly in someone’s back pocket. shame.

  36. This is interesting isn’t it. Our Government looks and judges with fear suspicion, and ignorance, and when it suspects? It covers up to avoid spreading panic . If what we are seeing is other worldly ? Then it could be probes from a higher intelligence in our universe.

  37. One must look at what the U.S. government is saying and read between the lines.

    I’m sorry but the best minds in the world and the best at NASA all say that it is billions to one odds that there are any aliens coming to, or living on earth.

    So, if we are to believe the people that put a man on the moon and the people that are building ships now in the private sector, then we must look at what is left. To make it simple, it is a shout out to Occam’s razor.

    The government says it doesn’t know what they are. Why is everyone now, all fired up to believe the government when any other time people would be skeptical of anything they say.
    For now let us run along these lines.

    The questions to be asked are:

    1) Is the U.S. freaking out about this, I mean if it were another country I would think they would be, and if not, they certainly owe us an explanation.

    2) If it was from another world…..they would be racing to get to them first to make a deal, which is what us, lower life forms do.

    3) Oh wait….what if these are our technology…wouldn’t we be trying to sell the public and all others in the world on the fact that we are clueless also.

    We all pretty much assume that “they” are out the, but to say “they” are here is a long shot.

    If they could get here…from there, I really don’t think they are not able to stay hidden.

    Light travels at 186,284.4 miles per second……and for light to get to the nearest star to earth with a million to one odds that it harbors life…well, that would take the light 4.3 years to get there….do the math

  38. These are demons. Theyy are able to do the speeds and maneuvers because they are not craft operating in our normal space/time continum, but are spiritual or if you like, inter-dimensional in nature leaving no exhaust visibly or sonic boom. They can appear/disapear or even split in two and come in a myriad of shapes from orbs to battleship size. Forget aliens or other government vehicles-they have been here for centuries. Their agenda is to deceive and destroy and have a tie in with the occult and abductions-which are spiritually induced and not physical. Ask yourself:

    What can defy natural law? What is evil? Rule out ET and human sources and you are left with the Biblical teachings of fallen angels that can disguise themselves as we see here. It is part of a huge religious cult movement Satan is creating.

  39. You americans have some really stuck gears in you system saying that these uaps are just tricks of the devil and occult somehow. How on Earth can you just claim that? Truth is not harmful because it allows us to make realistic, grounded, decisions that are really for the benefit of us and everyone else, in the long run. Making decisions based on false information is logically harmful and dangerous for ours and others well being.

  40. Do any of us believe these are actual flying saucers from outer space? No. [But] there really isn’t enough information to evaluate what is going on.

    Thats very wrong. There is plenty information.

  41. BUT we do know the distance btw the pilot and the object. Fravor stated on many many occasions the distance btw his super hornet and the ‘tic tac’. He relayed all of that info. It’s readily available in his interviews. Sure, its just anecdotal; but from a top gun pilot, highly trained in observables, during in-time flight. Of course the vids on their own are no big deal. You need to also consider the info stated by the pilot. I thought BU had high standards. Awful writing and interpretation of the NYT article.

  42. These flying objects have been recorded for literally 1000’s of years…..in cave paintings……in descriptions from antiquity, …..in a famous Renaissance painting of Madonna and Child……to crashes over the last century. Face it people, we are being observed, like a science project, by entities from civilizations far older, far more technologically advanced than us. …IF these entities wanted to do us harm,…..THAT would have been done a thousand years ago. Therefore, they mean us no general harm. I suspect the Powers that be here will attempt to try and make us believe we are able to Defend ourselves with MORE Defense spending,……and that, my friends, would be like a nest of ants, hurrying to make the hole tower another quarter inch tall. Fools gold people. Do NOT believe those that say our salvation is MORE Defense spending. The only Defense is to welcome them, and hope they don’t squash us like a tiny bug,………..which is precisely what we are, compared to them. Come on….just be…..NICE…

  43. It hilarious that of all the articles published about the nature of the world, the only robust comments I’ve seen are about UFOs.

  44. I personally believe these are crafts from another place or time. However as it has been pointed out none of us can conclusively prove fore of against that. However points that still hold weight:

    If these objects are crafts of some other country (Russia / China) then why are these countries experiencing the exact same phenomenon? That implies USA has the same tech?

    Why are there matching reports from nations who are, in terms of USA verse Russia, natural?

    And, as pointed out above, why have these reports been going back to decades, if not centuries or millennia and have remained largely unchanged apart from the descriptive terms which change inline with the evolution of language and our understanding of the natural world. Yet we do not see the equivalent tech down the line as you’d expect. for example, the internet: developed for intelligence agencies years later world wide.

    For me to only other option is these are natural events which would explain why they have been witnessed long before we had powered flight, I however find that extremely unlikely given the way these objects have been recorded moving and seem to react to when we try interfering with them.

    When you look at all of the above and then take into consideration the Drake equation (basic as it is) along side the work of the Kepler telescope has been doing in discovering exoplanets the logical conclusion is that life in plentiful on and off this planet. Then look at the chances some of this life has evolved to become a type 1 or above civilisation capable of traversing the universe is highly probable.

    1. I agree with all you suggest here. Some or most instances would certainly be natural phenomena such as Saint Elmo’s Fire, Atmospheric Mirages like Fata Morgana, Swamp Gas & so on, but there is a small residual that have been identified as being hard core machines flying in our atmosphere & showing “impossible” Physics characteristics. This would mean that our science is flawed or at least being held back by deliberate targeted misinformation.

      Our main concern should be to ensure that ground truthed core knowledge is available to all, an uneven distribution would be extremely dangerous to our civilization knowing how warlike & violent we are as a species & how quick we are to resort to violence to resolve our differences, we need to all get along together.

      If anything the actions of UAPs pose a warning when they stalk nuclear facilities & battle-fleets around the world with impunity. Individuals here have also identified the issue that UAPs can’t all be the result of current attempts to solve Physics Problems in Quantum Gravity, there is the bootstrap problem, they have always been here & so a possibility is there is no Fermi Paradox, just political intervention to alter the truth about our true history.

      There are rumors that some UAPs in Military hands are the result of Archaeological Digs & might be indicating we also have an existential problem to deal with so a period of truth telling would become necessary if many are to handle the change successfully.

      This current unstable situation, if that is what it is, is one of global mismanagement. But there is still a need to wait & see how little or how much the upcoming report to Congress is prepared to say on the matter. It has become a issue in credibility, leadership and responsibility. Keeping these secrets hidden is destabilizing our “mostly” cooperative civilization & may tip us into an unnecessary war. No more secrets—please!

  45. The closest solar system is 4 1/2 light years away. There are 2 exoplanets in the habitable zones. it wound take 73000 years to reach Earth using current technology Alpha Centaur.

    1. You need to think outside the box when estimating how long it will take to get from one place to another. They are using portals that we have not discovered how to use yet. And if they are fallen angels, they are inter dimensional.

    2. Rrrrr but what if they live much longer than us and make use of warped space time out there, perhaps from very large planets stars or distant black holes or they could have an “ improbability drive “ of some kind that bends the laws of physics as we know them.

  46. If these ufo’s were another countries tech ,they would have set one down on the white house lawn to show us they have superior tech,China would have already taken Tiawan instead of just threatening to do it! They would show it to the world to let us all know they are superior ,because they want to be the country that dominates! This is not earth tech!!! only a total fool would think so! We have been sending radio waves out into space for 60 years since they travel the same speed as light that means those radio waves have just now reached 60 light years away! there are 125 stars within 60 light years! I myself think they have been here before! but you have several options,1. they are from a race that has been watching over us for a long time!2.our radio waves reached some out there and made them take notice of us and come to check us out3.this could be some of us from the future coming back to study their ancestors 4. they could be from an alternate universe and there could be many of those.5.could be from a civilazation that has existed here along side us ffor thousands of years but minds its own business,not likely6.Last choice get ready for invasion!!!

  47. its astonishing to hear governments and scientists avoiding the possibility and freaking out that these unexplained ufos might be of origin that is not in the realm of science as they know of .
    and have no control of ,i think thats the reason that it has been kept as top secret from the public
    if these ufos were from another source other than earth than how would we expect them to be or behave .the easier way is to deny that possibility rather than face the unknown

  48. The most ignorant thing to say no evidence of aliens well what the hell is its been going on
    for centuries this has been a phenomenon its not a foreign power sounds like something Trump would say I guess it would be hard to come out and say we have reengineered UFOs that we have recovered its a cover up ! Please read demon haunted world from Carl Sagan

  49. KENNY JASON’s comment (JUNE 11, 2021 AT 8:01 PM) is close to target. As we breed plants and animals, similarly a more advanced civilization is cultivating human beings. We are the “cattle of the gods”, as we find in both Hinduism and Egyptian religion. In the Bible we are going to be “harvested”. Do not expect the government’s “experts” to arrive at this conclusion.

  50. Now that I have read the Unclassified Report…
    See: https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/20973253/uap-20210625.pdf
    …mostly a nothing burger as anticipated. But UAPs are Technology. The data contains under 200 instances—total—the pattern is they were analyzed by Intel “cleanskins”. The tens of thousands of reports worldwide every year have been entirely ignored being “out of scope”.

    The wording is consistent with some “non-human” intelligence being the original source of this Tech, as the basic facts are at least 75 years old & at most hundreds of thousands of years old. Some captured Tech may be the result of archaeological digs (Vimanas) & human Tech has managed to retro-engineer at least some of it. There is probably more than one source of UAPs, see page 5 (category 3 of 4) they suggest they may be unconfirmed “USG or Industry Developmental Programs”. No Government ever admits to “unfunded Black Projects”. Who those Developers are is the only real mystery. The original source of this Tech is a dirty riddle & contains a can of worms & Government Sources cannot face it publicly. It is logical to assume, & to ensure total security, Tech is most probably made “off world” by humans.

    IMO it is a long story involving NAZI “Flying Saucers” developed during World War II & US Project Paperclip. If any original “non-human” intelligences are still around, they are probably well hidden & working in collaboration with some countries. Some Governments would be willing to trade anything to get their hands on this Tech. See this unconfirmed link: https://www.military.com/video/aircraft/military-aircraft/tr-3b-aurora-anti-gravity-spacecrafts/2860314511001

  51. 2 Corinthians 14-15. written by Paul. It is interesting that this man could see into the future. UFO’s are a gesture by Satan to confuse mankind into what we see as an anti-God earth. The snake from the tree can also fly.

  52. I have seen these things and know of and can locate a number of them ..I have footage along with that to prove it and have seen them the past 2 weeks almost every day.. make no mistake ,this is not military technology ..I was in the military .it is far beyond anything we are capable of grasping ..theese thins use gravitational science to navigate and they are merely indestructible.. they are holding footage back but have seen a us navy destroyer hit one 3. Times and still not hurt this thing ..they can hide underwater as well that’s why they will be sEven mostly near the coast .anyhow what your seeing is an et cropduster on them videos ..there are m0re they have in different forms as well.. I have pictures

    1. Can you send me the video I have a friend who lives in my only house near perkasie river n there was activity last week

  53. UFO’s are being used by Satan & his cohorts to trick mankind into believing that aliens exist, this came from the Bayside appearances of Jesus & Mary which were authenticated by the miracles there, for more go to the shrine website & look under directives for the subject.

    1. Rrrrr but what if they live much longer than us and make use of warped space time warp out there, perhaps from influence of very large planets and stars or distant black holes or they could have an “ improbability drive “ of some kind that bends the laws of physics as we know them.

  54. I would have had more confidence if the original report been classified “Top Secret” & then declassified to “Unclassified”, then you would begin to know something about UAPs. This has not happened. Referring to the report… you can rule out “clutter & atmospheric phenomena”. That means almost all sightings of UAPs being analyzed by the Navy’s battle-fleet advanced sensor systems will necessarily be ‘unconfirmed “USG or Industry Developmental Programs”’ [p5] or “Foreign Adversary Systems”. Yep… it could be Russians. There would not be any—a-priori—decision to include “aliens” into any of these classifications. Or it might possibly be a faulty sensor system having the bugs ironed out, after all that is what was under test in some of these battle-fleet maneuvers. However more than one of the many dozens of sensor systems being faulty would not make any single sighting a “UAP” unidentifiable.

    However in the former case (USG or IDPs) it specifically states (& I quote directly here): “Some UAP observations could be attributable to developments & classified programs by U.S. entities”[p5] & now I am deliberately translating one word “unable” as “forbidden” for those who don’t understand the wording here—”We were forbidden to confirm them”. Capiche? If any agencies stated that they were “forbidden”, understand that would have been enough in itself to disclose the main fact it was already a classified secret. The word “unable” is sufficiently vague to disclose intent to help but limited by their overall brief to conceal secrets from those who do not have a sufficient level of clearance. You may call this a deliberate deflection. That is true, however they are still required to tell the truth to Congress.

    What we see here is clearly the “unclassified” report, it is released to the “mug public”. There was a classified annex. Even then, if truly important, there would still be a level of security classification applicable to these documents too, probably not “Top Secret”. That upper level of classification would be subject to limited distribution & the documents may have necessarily been kept under guard. It it logical to have this document at the lowest level of classification… simply “Classified”. “Classified” Reports might still be being passed around. Interesting to note that the head of NASA said he had seen the Classified Report’s results, & he is on record as saying: ‘… I talked to the Navy pilots, when we were briefed in the Senate Armed Services Committee, & my feeling is that there is clearly something there. It may not necessarily be an extraterrestrial, but if it is a technology that some of our adversaries have, then we better be concerned.’

    Any secret aircraft program might be seen as “space aliens”—or not—depending on what the military believes it needs to keep secret. That is a better story than explaining to the public that there is a secret aircraft. Some are telling the truth, & some are lying, some of these reports are a little from column A, & a little from Column B. The content of this Report to Congress on UAPs is essentially the same & having the same conclusions arrived at in the original Secret document now declassified as Lieutenant General Twining’s Memo titled “Air Material Command Opinion Concerning ‘Flying Discs'” Sept 23, 1947. Yes—the “Flying Discs” (UAPs or UFOs) were real, but they could not confirm their origins. A part of the report suggested:
    1) The possibility that these objects are of domestic origin—the product of some high security project not known to AC/AS-2 or this Command.
    2) The lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably prove the existence of these objects.
    3)The possibility that some foreign nations has a form or propulsion possibly nuclear, which is outside of our domestic knowledge.

    Twining had previously created another Memo, originally classified Top Secret—Majestic, July 15, 1947, on ‘Preliminary Examination of a Recovered Disc in New Mexico’. Why are these “facts” denied in the later Memo above? Simple… because it was directed to a wider audience than the report by Twining as Top Secret—Majestic. It would also provide undeniable proof of the technology. This is the level of proof required by the eager public & some members of congress.

    Never is the “extraterrestrial” label ever mentioned. There is only a small possibility that some or any of those 143 reports, if any are suitable of being classified as “Other” are ever fully within that category. No Intelligence Report that has an “Unclassified” mark on it can ever reveal any “Classified” information. That is where people are misunderstanding the intent of this recent Unclassified Report.

  55. 2004 sighting by commander fravor was not even discussed I guess it’s in the “classified “part of the report which we cannot see.

    The Nimitz incident is well documented and commander fravor and his back seat copilot had eyes on it. Not sure why that incident isn’t being talked about.

    The most compelling incident involving a uap (ufo) and not a printed word , disappointing at best. I call b.s. on everyone involved in this dog and pony show.

  56. “If I’m an extraterrestrial and I can travel from other planets, I would think they would be smart enough to evade radar.”

    If ants see you walking about, do you usually bother to hide from them?

    1. Interestingly, many of these phenomena were evading RADAR or actively blocking it, according to the U.S. military reports.

      Doing so is, technically, an act of war.

      A new, more powerful, and more advanced form of RADAR began being used by the U.S. Armed Forces, and the observations and RADAR detections became more frequent.

      The fact that the person being interviewed did not know these facts shows just how ignorant, willfully or not, these people are.

  57. That’s what I know after many decades of research.
    Research which was only partially concentrated on this subject,
    yet it seemed to come up over and over.
    The universe is teaming with life, mostly shifted interdimensional
    from our frequency range of awareness. For most beings it is not easy to appear or to sustain themselves on such a low frequency
    range as ours which is one of the lowest in the range of existing
    Research with instruments of our frequency range (made of our materials, with molecules and atoms which are confined to our range) can’t research anything in higher frequency ranges.
    Frequency range is defined like that: since there are no particles to an atom, electrons and other particles are really torsion waves of a very high frequency, atoms and molecules are a conglomerate of all torsion waves contained in it. Increasing the frequency leads to states which could be compared with going from ice to water to steam.
    All visible matter is created by movement, blinking in and out of existence at incredible high frequencies between the higgs field and the material reality, comparable to watching 30 pictures per second in film and just seeing a solid picture.
    All our senses and instruments are oblivious to higher ranges.
    No information can be gathered.
    That’s why we don’t “see” extraterrestrial objects or beings or worlds, unless they lower their frequency.
    We are relatively hidden, not too many populations know we are here, but some do.
    They want our planet which holds treasures in biodiversity and minerals.
    They can’t attack us because there are rules which are reinforced.
    There are no violent takeovers but sofisticated manipulations
    instead. We have to agree to contact, wanting their technology.
    It can’t be forced on us. Disguising themselves as helpers and
    saviors (second coming of Christ is a good candidate, people would comply completely, supposedly the church would accept also or in other ways with spectacular presentations) after creating a situation which requires help, many developing cultures have been overcome that way and found
    themselves sliding into slavery slowly but sure.
    Detonating atomic weapons creates an energy imbalance between
    the vacuum, (or higgs field or ether, which is the underlying creater of our reality and our material world by providing the torsion waves which create our world) and our reality as we know it.
    This energy imbalance creates great problems, reason number two is preventing further destruction of the planet, not to preserve
    for us but for the ones taking over.
    That’s why we see UFO’s shutting down warheads all over.
    To survive in the universe we have to be unified, pull all together on the same string, which we are far from.
    We have to be self-sufficient so we don’t need to trade.
    We have to hide and be discreet.
    Continuing to destroy the globe will prevent us from being self-sufficient and will attract intervention faster.
    They know us better than we know ourselves, all our strengths and weaknesses, hopes and regrets are beamed out with our technology into the universe for everyone to hear.
    All our thoughts and emotions can be read easily because they are contained in our higher frequency bodies, as well as our memories.
    Benevolent societies would and will not help us to protect themselves.
    So, that’s where we are now, 99% of all people I know laugh about a threat from aliens, out of a lack of knowledge they don’t take the matter as seriously as they should, not aware of the sophisticated threat of the greater reality!

  58. There are thousands more retired government officials vouching for ongoing alien presence for over 5 decades, than there are deniers. Listening to government and liberals on the subject is foolish. There are tens of thousands of official documents from the freedom of information act, that the USA has been working with off planet folks. the issue of their transportation (UFO) is old news.

    1. The fact that you used the term, “liberals,” makes you sound like a kook.

      Presidents Obama, Clinton, and Carter are among those who have been relatively candid in their discussion of the subject, and former Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Harry Reid is the main reason the report was given to Congress and that the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that was run by Luis Elizondo existed.

  59. I’m not crazy or a wack job, just a man who in 2009-2013 during an eclipse Myself & my son were standing in the driveway watching the eclipse .When it was total a yellowish orange light was coming from the east of the eclipse then it came into View . Then it made a check mark in the sky and took off faster than I have ever seen anything in my life & my son said to me Dad what was that & I said I think it was a UFO .dont tell anyone

  60. The alien spaceship in the photo is of an alien-hybrid nursery ship. The aliens who control this ship abduct humans and have been harvesting human DNA to create hybrids. These aliens have a reptilian-insectoid type appears and an insectoid type social system. there is one large (over two meters tall) alien that acts as the leader and the rest are tiny worker aliens that barely stand two feet tall. You will also find human-alien hybrids onboard that do a variety of tasks including flying the ship. Some of the human-alien hybrids are children. Although most likely some people within the U.S. Government are aware of the aliens and possibly working with them, many people are not. The Navy piolets are probably not in on the plot and took photos of something they were not supposed to know existed. Why the photos became public is not clear, but the amount of misinformation to try and make this look like it is nothing clearly proves that some people never wanted the public to see these photos. Most likely the Governments of the world can do nothing to stop these aliens from taking whoever they want or doing whatever they want to do because the aliens’ technology is just too advanced. No Government is going to admit to its people that there are aliens abducting them and the Government does not have the technology to prevent it from happening. And if the Government is selling out its people for alien technologies, then that would turn into a lot of criminal and civil lawsuits as public outrage would demand justice and large financial compensations for those people who have been abducted against their will.

  61. the world goverments fear causing civil unrest by disclosing too much information on this subject and will continue to do so for the forseeable future

  62. I have been studying UFOs for several years. Through the use of burst shooting and super slow motion, I discovered the existence of many incomprehensible and mysterious creatures (and devices) flying in my city and in the countryside. For these purposes, I still use the latest smartphone. I do not show the photos and videos I have taken to anyone, even to my relatives, since the concept of UFOs and any mention of them are ridiculed. Since this topic is very serious and controversial, I do not want to publish materials openly or officially apply to anywhere. Keeping anonymity, I posted some of the photos and videos on the opensea.io website in order to share information with the public and, using the funds received, to purchase professional photo and video equipment to continue research. All my appeals to various magazines and electronic publications have so far remained unanswered. Apparently, any information (photos and videos) about UFOs is perceived by people only as fake and the anonymity I want to preserve is perhaps suspicious. Every month my collection is replenished with new shocking photos and videos (many of which I did not put on opensea.io due to the lack of interest in them from visitors of the site). A collection of photos and 1 video of an alien drone can be found at https://opensea.io/Top-Secret. Some photos have been edited to exclude nearby objects (buildings, signs, etc.) to preserve my anonymity. Of particular interest to me at the moment are the mysterious objects covered by a fog curtain, the number of which is gradually increasing. Using various filters, you can see their content. Most of the objects I have captured move at high speed and are invisible to the naked eye. I used the Google translator to compose this text.

  63. has anyone seen the secret book of 58 alians on fb it was so interesting on how much detail there was for each includes what they look like where they are from, when they first visited and last visited .
    what there purpose is what there ships look like and it sheds alot of light on the myths of vampires giants, elves , dwarves , goblins, trolls fairies its about 40 min long fb search

    1. Hi,
      if I could please quote the General?

      ” All I’m saying is’ if there were weapons of a foreign country?”

      We would be seeing them being tested etc…”

      Isn’t that what we are seeing when these witnessed sightings by Fighter Aircraft crewmen and women are being reported to Ex CIA agents and then being released on TV by so called EX CIA agents ?
      These targets were picked up on Radar! Seen by Pilots and on Video!
      Exasperating the possibilities that these are Not Ours?
      These Craft that we are seeing on Air force recording devices is a double Bluff ! In my humble opinion? They think you are so dumb! That you will believe them on the possibilities?

      What you are being shown on TV is exactly what the EX General is talking about!

      The Battle Fleet of America….HOW MANY CARRIERS ???!!! On exercise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean…That’s a hell of a lot of space!!! AS WELL AS a lot of HARDWARE!!

      Who just so happen to be none threatening craft zipping in and out of F15’S…? ARE NOT SEEN AS A THREAT???

      P-P-Please !!!

      The whole thing is a set up!
      You are all being lied to!
      Of course the USA has Technologies.
      But Where did they come from?
      What a better place to test your own new developments?
      Putting the best of what you have. Which the public and your possible enemies see every day! Up against your NEW developed weapons/CRAFT?
      The flight capabilities and anti Gravity is only coming out when the Oil and Gas is depleted! The new technologies are either developed from Alien craft or the humans thought up a new way to control Electro magnetism? So what?
      It’s ‘The WHAT?’ That offends me! Get rid of our Planet destroying CARBON DIOXIDES ! sulphur dioxides etc!!! Or there will not be a much of a Planet left!
      When were F117’s being spotted in the sky before they came to public knowledge?
      These people think you are either too busy to care or not busy enough so you can make stuff up!
      Unfortunately! A lot of people make stuff up without any evidence!
      What they don’t know, they make up anyways! oh my god! Even if you show the truth? People will not know what to believe?
      Therefore I think the public are being blindsided by their own Government Officials and these new craft are seriously being tested! Just lets throw in a cover,’ maybe story’ that its possibly UFO;s? They have now figured out the flight systems! its just a matter of time before the weapons systems attached to them come into view!
      All of the DATA on the Aircraft Carriers computers was deleted!! But it was recorded first!
      Hopefully one day we will see these craft in general use? But I doubt in my lifetime ?

  64. I have no doubt that ET visitors are afraid we will blow ourselves up or start an apocalyptic war, so, they babysit our nukes. It reminds me of a Star Trek episode featuring GARY SEVEN.

  65. I have no doubt in my mind that UFOs are real. and I would not “PANIC” if I saw one or if the government decided to just tell the truth. Honestly, all governments around the world need to stop trying to COVER SHIT UP!! I can care less what the government says – tired of them saying “they are not real” blah, blah, blah. Yes, they are and I don’t need to see one to know it. Kind of like knowing that we are not the only ones in this entire galaxy! To think this way is to be arrogant and small-minded. Come on! Please! I think people who always try to find a logical explanation don’t want to know the truth for some reason and they are afraid. There are things out of this world that are far more complex than we have ever imagined. Has anyone ever stopped to think that the reason for them not coming down and landing on the white house grass to say hello is because they obviously do not want to be killed by gun-happy idiots that do not understand?

    Who died and made us the owners of the entire Earth?

  66. The article asks why the UAPs are not landing on the White House lawn. For practical reasons, during the UFO flap of 1952 interceptor jets were scrambled from the nearby Air force base to engage them.

    At another incident in 2019 a missile battery was about to fire before the suddenly UAP vanished.

    For these very practical reasons landings on the White House lawn are not possible.



  67. I witnessed with a work colleague a UFO hovering over a chemical plant in Manchester at 5.50am one clear July morning in 1999, i was going to work in Trafford Park on my pushbike when i heard the sound of the nearby chemical plants emergency hooter going off, when i looked over from the road there was this craft hovering over the chemical pipelines, i was quickly joined by a colleague who was also cycling to work. It was very quiet at that time and the only noise was that of the hooter, there was no noise from the craft, it was as if they had parked up mid air and put the hand brake on. It was not of this world, it made us both late for our 6am shift in the factory where i was temping at the time, so i became a believer that we were being visited by extraterrestrials, i had gone to a talk in 1994 about the Suffolk UFO given by the Col. Charles Holt the former deputy base commander of the Usa military facility there and watched a few programmes on the subject previously. It was only as a christian catholic believer that in Feburary 2016 i came across the fact that Jesus & Mary and some of the saints had appeared to the visionary Veronica at Bayside USA (1970-94) amongst other things they told her about what would happen in the end times we are now living through was that it was Satan & his cohorts who were flying these various craft around the world in order to trick mankind into believing we were being visited by alien races that don’t exist. When the christian Rapture takes place which i believe will be some time this decade news media will report to those left behind that a mass alien abduction has occurred in order to mask the divine event (more fake news), this will herald in the 7 year Tribulation period ie, when Jesus releases the 4 horsemen, the war will be started by the combined forces of Russia/China & New York is hit by a comet, for more on this go to the shrine website http://www.tldm.org and look under Directives for the subject. Their appearances at Bayside were authenticated by the many miracles performed there, although the church will never officially recognise it, they did say there that Satan had entered the church now at its highest level as part of the ongoing spiritual war, the last authentic pope was Benedict.

    When the UFO & Consciousness show came to Manchester in 2017 it took place across the road from where i had witnessed the UFO in 1999, given my own faith journey i don’t believe this was a coincidence. They promote the idea at the show that we are being visited by alien races and some of the conspiracy theories surrounding this. There are and have been many documentaries on the tv on the subject which also promote this idea.
    I had a letter published in the local secular press on the subject in 2018 on the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    So that was my mystery explained, Satan & his cohorts are supernatural beings thats why the bible tells us we are not up against mere flesh & blood but powers & principalities. Thats why the christian has prayer/fasting etc in their spiritual armoury, which is effective against his activities.

    Regards John

  68. Are the many UFOs seen in our skies so silent electronically that radio astronomers still keep searching for radio signals of intelligence in distant stars and galaxies?

  69. I want to share what I went through. I grew up at a place where there was alot of weird things I seen through the years and the effects it has on me now in my life crazy how some things stay with you through your life

  70. I believe that if there is aliens and I was to come face to face with one that I could be smart enough and be calm and to except what I am being introduced to the alien and if its hurt I would try to help it. I wish that if there is aliens why try to hide it. I believe we all have the right to know this. I believe we could handle the situation if there is.

  71. I am 62 yrs old Male that has always loved science and space and live on other planets. I wish that I could have the chance at my age to be the first old man to live on mars and pass away and buried on mars. That would be DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME.

  72. Regardless of your position on the subject, those with an open mind should watch a film from Dr. Stephen Greer “Undisclosed.” Dr. Greer is the head of the Disclosure Project and, for the past twenty years, has been compiling evidence and has some compelling ideas and facts surrounding the subject. If you have already made up your mind that there is no such thing as UFOs or extraterrestrial visitors; you need to watch this film, then you can come back here and comment.

  73. If you feel this is all a hoax or fake news, watch the film by Stephen Greer “Undisclosed.” Now, if you’ve already decided that anything UFO is BS, watch this film and then come back and comment. I’d be interested in reading it.

  74. I had two spheres of light, a red one and a yellowish one pacing my car as I was driving back home from work in rural southern Spain. The first one appeared from my left as it flew at an incredible speed, like a flash , which I detected as an arch of red light in the sky out of the corner of my eyes. The arch came off the ground, up to the sky, and down again to where I was driving, like a flash as I said, and then it was there, a red glowing sphere of light, as if it just popped up, very close to and above my car, to the left, 10-15 meters or so from me, at a height of 6-7 meters from the ground, hovered for a while, as if it just waited for me, and started pacing my car, retreating a bit from me. I have now the feeling that it was observing my car or me. When the sphere appeared like that , I jumped in my seat, out of scare. It could be 1-2 meters in diameter . No human machine, that I know of, can stop like that in mid air after speeding like a flash. I soon managed to check myself, lowered my left window, reduced speed and could see the red sphere out there flying next to me, some 20-30 meters away from me now. I could hear no sound, apart from the sound of air coming in through the open window, which wasn’t much. I was then doing 80 km/h. After a short while I spotted another sphere, also from my left , Another one??!!! I cried. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! This one came flying in a very quick horizontal zig zag motion, like a duckling after its mother, and slowed down abruptly positioning itself right behind the first one, both pacing my car and slowly accelerating following the contours of the land . After some seconds both started switching on and off at the same time. They kept moving like that, getting progressively away from me, always keeping the same distance from each other, as if synchronized, and always in front of me, to the left, till they disappeared behind a low hill to the left after having paced me along a straight stretch of road, a mile or so. Before disappearing I flashed my headlights on and off, at the same time they did, for three seconds or so. I wanted them to know, whatever they were, that I was there too. After my first scare I felt good, not scared anymore. It was plain daylight, 7 pm approx. April 2000. Believe it or not, this is what happened.
    Having seen what I saw I can only say that there are certainly things flying out there in the world’s skies that may not be from this earth or dimension.
    Nobody?? knows what or who they are, or where they are from, but it is a plain fact that these things exist.

  75. I am posting today (6/12/22) because NASA has just announced a 9 month study of this phenomenon. I am neither a “believer” nor a “debunker.” I do have graduate degrees and my academic research articles have over 1,000 citations in Google Scholar & 5,000 reads on ResearchGate. I do not believe in conspiracies, but I do strongly feel that establishment science has badly bungled this entire topic for my adult lifetime.

    I do sympathize with Dr. Bania when he comments: “… if these were extraterrestrials, and they had the technology to traverse the stars and get to Earth, they would play these games? To what end? Land on the goddamn White House lawn and say hello.” I don’t mind injecting some humor into the topic.

    But Dr. Bania, if you read this, I ask that you humor me for a moment and consider an ET possibility outside your reductive “little green men” frame of reference. I’ll start with the Fermi Paradox. If any significant number of alien civilizations exist, shouldn’t they already have visited or be here now ? I would agree, yes, it would seem they should be, or should have been here. One can of course immediately jump to the extreme conclusion that, ok, we must be alone.

    But what if the other credible answer to Fermi’s paradox was already proposed long ago by the great mathematician John Von Neumann? Namely that the immense distances makes travel and visitation by any biological aliens ridiculously improbable. But that still leaves open visits by the *artifacts* of advanced technological aliens: self-replicating probes guided by AI.

    So, is it really reasonable to presume that such probes would be huge or even easily or systematically detectable by our technology? I would guess we could now reasonably rule out giant probes like Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama. But what about something the size of the monoliths in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Not necessarily that shape, of course; perhaps shaped like a red glowing orb smaller than a car. Perhaps even shaped like a tic-tac. Perhaps even smaller —perhaps the size of my iPhone 13. Dr. Bania may feel he can rule out such possibilities. But I’m afraid my rejoinder would be that such a presumption would sound a lot like mere hubris to me.

    I’m especially dubious about the insistence on any White House lawn / “take us to your leader” scenario. That goes beyond hubris to mere anthrocentrism. Look at our own research into life forms exhibiting some apparent level of intelligence on our own planet: porpoises, octopi, etc. Would we really insist on a “take us to your leader” scenario when researching these species? Would Dr. Bania really propose an approach based on saying “Take us to the HIGH PRIEST OF THE PORPOISES!!!” Or, “We insist on being introduced to the CZAR OF THE CEPHALOPODS!!!” I’m trying to even imagine dispatching a fleet of small automated undersea drones with the goal of “We must locate the WHITE HOUSE OF THE WHALES!!!”

    I still respect Dr. Bania and his colleagues of similar mindset, but I’m not buying any assertion that he or they can predict likely behaviors of probes operating under alien-developed AI; partly because I am deeply skeptical that we can even effectively characterize the future behaviors of human-developed AI.

    As for the newly-announced 9 month study by NASA—I hold out little hope for any such study that begins with a presumption of a “paucity of evidence.” At a minimum, the group should address the possibility that evidence may be scarce partly because too many establishment scientists have spent decades ridiculing anyone daring to report puzzling phenomena.

  76. If these things are from off planet then how are they getting here undetected?
    NASA tracks asteroids that may pose a potential threat to Earth.
    Norad has assets that track orbital debris, etc…
    Intel has telescopes in orbit to look at ground based stuff and now doubt outward to detect potential ASAT threats.
    A “cloaked” object entering our atmosphere at hypersonic speed would still leave in it’s wake an ionization (meteor trail) of superheated air behind it I would think.
    Could these be “Von Neuman” probes collecting data?

  77. Given the size and age of the universe, it only seems reasonable to assume that we’ re not alone in the galaxy, much less in the cosmos. However, if intelligent extraterrestrial life does exist, it must be something far more interesting, deep, and intriguing than creatures supposedly traversing space in ridiculously looking flying discs. It is one thing to believe in the high likelihood of alien life (and thus make an effort to hear from them); it is quite another to buy into the whole kitsch pulp fiction of UFOs, belief in which demonstrates poor imagination and lack of a solid raining in science.

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