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There are 8 comments on Should Undocumented Immigrants Be Allowed to Get a Driver’s License?

  1. In Brookline, the number of retailer marijuana stores is a percentage of the number of liquor stores. If the number of liquor licenses increases so does the number of marijuana retail stores. This is an important consequence not mentioned in the article.

  2. “A group led by the mother of a man killed by an undocumented driver mobilized to put a repeal of the law on the ballot.” Without coming off as insensitive to this woman’s grief, she is misguided here. One cannot blame a single instance on a group of people and try to punish them for it. Many undocumented people will drive despite not having a license. Many others will also not get licenses for fear of being outed to ICE. I sincerely hope this woman finds a good therapist.

    1. The article doesn’t mention the details of that situation. Her son was hit and then dragged to his death by a driver who chose not to stop because he didn’t want to risk deportation. Had the driver been documented, I assume he would have stopped and her son might still be alive. It’s more complicated than a bad luck hit and run.

  3. They should not. When I came to this country legally, I had to spend tons of money and follow due process to obtain a drive license. We allowing this is just sending the message the is legal to do illegal things and instead to be punished you will be awarded.
    I never thought I could see a American becoming a third world country but is this what I am seeing.

    1. Orquidia, what does the money have to do with it? Documented or undocumented, the person will still be paying for receiving this service. At the end of the day, what is free in this world? Nothing.
      What illegal “things” are these people doing? Is looking for a future that is better for them and their family illegal? I am so happy that you came to this country legally, but many don’t have the opportunity to do so, so they have to risk their lives to get there and hope that they will get there. Many undocumented immigrants hope for an opportunity like yours regardless of the money.
      It is really disappointing to see comments like these, where words instead of uplifting, bring others down.

    2. “We allowing this is just sending the message the is legal to do illegal things and instead to be punished you will be awarded.” No, it’s not. The law is being tweaked in order to ASSIST people in not breaking it. The easier you make it for people to not break a law, the less likely they are to do. There are a variety of criminalized things that should not be. Merely making something illegal does not inherently make it bad. Moreover, punishing people less helpful than assisting them. I’m sorry, but this statement comes off incoherent and paranoid and illogical. The cause does not necessarily equal the effect you are proposing.

      “I never thought I could see a American becoming a third world country but is this what I am seeing.” Again, this makes no sense. Allowing more people to have access to a driver license does not equate to suddenly the US is a third world country. GDP does not go down because people have access to licenses. Additionally, I don’t think it’s a good look to bash Third World countries when the people there have been the victims of years of exploitation, extraction, and corruption fueled by capitalism and colonialism. Please, think things through a little more before jumping to conclusions.

  4. There are laws in every country. We have to respect these laws. If you enter into this country illegally, you need pay the consequences according to the law.
    It’s not difficult to understand. They have no right breaking the law and asking for work, health care, welfare, housing and etc. AMERICANS FIRST!!!!!!

    As far as I know, this is still AMERICA!!!!

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