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There are 8 comments on Should Spotify Back Joe Rogan in COVID Misinformation Dispute with Neil Young?

  1. How about good ole’ freedom of speech? I’m triple vaccinated and don’t agree with everything Joe Rogan says, but it is scary that censoring him is even being considered.

    Just today Tulsi Gabbard tweeted… “Zealots … try to censor voices who don’t agree with theirs”. Maybe we should silence her, too. Who else?

    Whoopi Goldberg defended rapper Jay-Z in 2014, saying he should have been allowed to hit back Solange Knowles during the fight in an elevator that happened. Where’s the uproar?

  2. The headline itself is misleading. Someone’s opinion or personal experience is not misinformation, it is their opinion or personal experience (pardon the redundancy). Headlines are no place for editorializing.

    LSD, mushrooms, no big deal. Conflicting with the well-established facts (LOL) about covid? Big deal.

    Think back a few centuries. It was patently obvious that the sun, moon, and indeed the universe, all revolved around the earth. Then along came Nick Copernicus with his misinformation . . .

    PS, I have my vaccine card, just in case it becomes a qualification for posting on this site.

  3. Good story. I just wanted to note that Spotify does indeed generate advertising revenue. And I have to imagine that it might be an issue for their business model if enough advertisers were to pull their spots due to protest. According to this Reuter’s article, almost 50% of Spotify listeners are non-subscription.


  4. I think it’s wise, fair and healthy to have a balanced set of opinions out there so that people can make up their own minds. All this talk of censorship – which is essentially what Neil Young requested – only makes the vaccine-hesitant more convinced that the media is pandering to a chosen agenda, not genuine facts. I’ve listened to many episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast and it is fantastic. He’s very well read and his guests are experts in their field. Their expert opinions may not line up with mainstream thinking, but is that really a reason to silence them? Imagine if we’d silenced MLK because his thoughts were not mainstream. Or if we silenced those advocating for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. Censorship is not ok. We condemn other countries for engaging in it but the US has shown it’s only too willing to walk down the same road in the name of quelling ‘misinformation’. So sad.

  5. Thank you, BU today for providing a space for conversation like this one. Not every university is open for discussing like BU.

    Steve Kirsch invites experts for an open debate to correct the “misinformation spreaders” that appeared in Joe Rogan’s shows:


    Please do our part in sharing this so the experts are aware of this opportunity.

    In fact, open debates are long overdue in this country. For the past two years, how many open debates do we have, or only monologues from people who declare themselves as science?

  6. I think a better headline would be: should viewers of CNN, MSNBC, and NBC and Politifact boycott these news sources over their misinformation. It is remarkable how this works. As Rogan himself has pointed out, much of what was deemed misinformation over which you could be deplatformed has turned out to be true!

    Should we go through a list of all the things about Covid which corporate news media got wrong over the past 2 years? The New York Times itself was calling the Lab Leak Theory fringe conspiracy which by their own standards was and is misinformation. Should we call the Times disseminators of misinformation? Spotify does not pretend to be a publisher. They are just a platform for different opinions. In that regard they carry much less responsibility. But the Times whole business is “objective” journalism.

    It really feels like the word misinformation has been used as a silencing tool by the political establishment, using respected papers like the Times and Washington Post as their mouthpieces. It really reminds one of the type of propaganda used by authoritarian regime against powerless individuals who dare to try to expose the corruption of powerful elites.

    Here’s the bottom line: Having open honest debates between competing viewpoints is the best way to fight misinformation. Letting people make up their own minds by refuting misinformation with honest evidence is the best way to fight misinformation. Whoever is silencing open debate should be suspected as a tool of the establishment with conflicts of interest between public service and private interests of giant corporations. Private interests like Pfiezer’s which sponsors half the news media giants like CBS and others (don’t believe it look it up). All liberals who traditionally stood against alliances of big government and big corporations’ abuse of power should be suspicious of the covert silencing campaign using “misinformation” as an excuse.

  7. Funny how they cannot provide any examples of this elusive “misinformation”. I guarantee you the author of this article did not listen to the Robert Malone interview. Every statement was carefully delivered, I challenge you to provide a list of the false statements. I am waiting, should not be difficult if Joe Rogan is truly a threat to the health and safety of this country.

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