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There are 31 comments on Ben Shapiro’s Visit to BU: 20 Questions and Answers You Need to Know

  1. The closest MBTA stop is not Babcock Street, it’s the bus stop at 1079 Commonwealth Ave. Babcock Street is the nearest stop on the Green Line, but the MBTA also runs the buses.

      1. Funny, it is liberals who try to stop any speech which doesn’t parrot their own ideas who are more like fascists. It is your way or someone is instantly labeled a term to make them seem horrrific. I’m pretty sure you’ve never read a book that you didn’t already agree with. Oh, and LOL!

        1. there are plenty of ppl with centrist ideas that are not nearly as aligned with neo nazism in this country. also im not a liberal. again u thinking only conservatives and liberals exist shows me that u …………….. have never read a book.

  2. Ben Shapiro’s rhetoric is ugly and hateful, not to mention intellectually dishonest. He is a liar, a troll, and a bigot. His arguments do not bring anything of value to his audiences. Bringing him to BU is a mistake.

    I have given tens of thousands of dollars to Boston University–which is to say that I’m grateful for the education I received there, and I hope to continue to be proud of my academic association with BU throughout the rest of my career–and I urge you to reconsider this appointment.

    1. What have happened to the academic freedom? Do you only want to see and hear someone you agree with ? Keep your money and lets the freedom in academia prevail.

    2. Chris .. If you are grateful for your Boston University education you have to open up your brain and hear different opinions. His opinions do bring value to his audiences. Universities tend to be one sided and way too leftest. They used to be liberal which was a good word but liberal has been replaced with the left which is too extreme for many. The left tries to control speech and behavior by preventing alternative views which is why the talk is at the Tennis center and not on main campus.
      The left also is responsible for violence at events they dont agree with. Look what happens at schools such as Berkley. The police witness the leftists ( i.e. Antifa) who swing bike chains at those they disagree with but are told not to intervene by the city and university. It ironic the Antifascist are really fascists. We are lucky to have free speech but it is being eroded by people like you. Look at Venezuela and Hong Kong. Those people want free speech.

    3. Well said! Also as an alum, I am disappointed in this event.

      This is not about “freedom of speech.” This is letting someone speak who incites violence and hate. Having him on the same campus that has had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is a joke– especially given his talk named “America Wasn’t Built On Slavery, It Was Built On Freedom.” It is a slap in the face to Dr. King and those who fought for actual freedom.

      This is not about not wanting to hear different opinions especially when someone is speaking straight up lies and attacking groups of people. He called a transgender woman a “man with a mental disorder” (The Real-World Consequences of Submitting to the Transgender Zeitgeist, November 2018). This is not an opinion. This is just a lie. He is not a psychologist or psychiatrist or a gender studies major and therefore is not an expert on what he is talking about, but he passes what he says as a fact. He is deliberately attacking transgender people. It is a statement that is both transphobic and ablest. And this is just one of many examples of the lies and hate this person speaks.

      Freedom of speech means you can say what you want. It doesn’t mean you get invited to college campuses where there are students you are attacking. It doesn’t mean freedom of consequence. A private institution like BU is more than it it’s right to stop this talk.

          1. “Factchecker” so your reasoning is, that because some who did an evil thing followed Ben Shapiro, that Ben Shapiro is inciting violence?

            By this logic, everything that person did or watched or followed online incites violence. The local news, Game of Thrones (I assume), video games, his curriculum at school, the breakfast cereal he ate, the car he drove, etc.

            In other words, you haven’t provided any evidence that Ben Shapiro incited violence, because that evidence doesn’t exist. You also can’t provide any evidence of anything hateful or any promotion of violence in any of the speeches that he does like this. If you actually bothered to attend one, or watch one online, you’d see the exact opposite of incitement: specific call outs against violence and hateful people.

        1. The simple fact that he tittle his talk – “America Wasn’t Built On Slavery, It Was Built On Freedom.” is hateful and undermines the suffering of African Americans that BUILT THIS COUNTRY!!! This is violence. Whose freedom is he talking about? White people’s freedom? Whose America is this that this person talks about? No, I do not want to give a platform to that because it gives legitimacy to ignorant ideas. We are a higher education institution and we should do better. You that commented should know better.

          1. Christina, WHAT African Americans, LIVING today, were Slaves ?

            It’s time to move forward, there have not been slaves in America since when ?

            How about we stop the inflow of immigrants. Educate Americans, train them jobs. And cut welfare. Rebuild America’s infrastructure!

            Let’s go back to traditional values, like getting educated. Get a job. Get married. Learn to live on what you EARN. Save money.

            American values.

      1. Actually AJ, freedom of speech means you can voice your opinion anywhere in the US, even BU, if it isn’t inciting violence. Even if it hurts your fragile feelings.

  3. “Indifference is not a beginning, it is an end. And, therefore, indifference is always the friend of the enemy, for it benefits the aggressor — never his victim, whose pain is magnified when he or she feels forgotten. The political prisoner in his cell, the hungry children, the homeless refugees — not to respond to their plight, not to relieve their solitude by offering them a spark of hope is to exile them from human memory. And in denying their humanity we betray our own.” -Elie Wiesel

    “I am getting really sick of people who whine about ‘civilian casualties.’ Maybe I’m a hard-hearted guy, but when I see in the newspapers that civilians in Afghanistan or the West Bank were killed by American or Israeli troops, I don’t really care.” -Ben Shapiro

    For a university that loves to invoke the legacy of Elie Wiesel so often, the administration has some interesting ideas about how to actually go about respecting that legacy.

    1. Yes, seriously.

      How convenient that you quote the same article Shapiro recants in “So, Here’s A Giant List Of All The Dumb Stuff I’ve Ever Done”, the link for which is available above.

      Anyone can sit back comfortably in front of an electronic device and quote someone else (out of context and without regard to what that person has said in retrospect) in order to discredit him, while comparing that person to someone else that has little to nothing to do with the actual discussion at hand. It seems that intellectual and engaging conversation is not for those in that category.

      1. Read that article again. Does he recant? Or does he start saying his opinion is actually “partially correct,” but simply poorly expressed? Does he say the word “sorry” at all? You cannot recant a statement and then say, in the same breath, it was actually “partially correct.” That is not what it means to recant.

        I highly recommend you read your sources before you cite them. It’s embarrassing to try to come for someone else’s intellect before checking your own reading comprehension.

  4. My BU son will be attending this event. I pray he and all the other attendees will be safe, and I thank the BU PD and Boston PD in advance for your efforts to ensure this. It’s sad and disturbing that in the U.S.– in Boston, no less, the cradle of liberty–we have enough citizens who wish to shut down free speech that we need to hire police to prevent violence.

    1. You should be proud of your son attending a university where the students are passionate enough to PEACEFULLY protest an event that they might disagree with. If you want to go the free speech route, than the students have every right to protest as well. I would reconsider where the violence is stemming from before insinuating that the police will be there to stop violence in the first place.

  5. I hate to say it but protesting him just gives him more visibility and plays into exactly what he wants. If you found his contribution to political discourse to be as vapid as I have, better to just point out where he is wrong when having a conversation with friends and move on. Public protesting of this nature just makes him all the more alluring to young conservatives. They love to “trigger libs”.

    Ben Shapiro really isn’t worth the time or energy, any serious consideration of his talking points will show this.

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