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There are 11 comments on Alcohol Arrests, Summonses Nearly Doubled in 2011

  1. I love how BU has increased arrests for alcohol and they are proud of their enforcement of consumption laws yet it takes 4 armed robberies for them to get their act together when it pertains to real crime. BUPD should not be proud of anything right now. Maybe if they diverted a portion of all the alcohol bust patrols to protecting our students in South Campus and West Campus, maybe our campus would be actually safer.

  2. I think that the primary focus should be on violent crimes and liquor violations should be a secondary concern.

    As for the addition of hate crimes, I believe that *all* crimes committed against others are hate crimes. The specific motivations are not important, as they all exhibit contemptuous disregard for others.

  3. Wow as a student here nothing disappoints me more then this. The BU police department, who only caught the robbers because they turned themselves in or were snitched out is priding themselves on how many kids they arrested for alcohol violations in the past year. Congrats on breaking up harmless parties off campus, while in the meantime nearly every major crime category saw an increase. Seems like they are really using our tuition to stop some real crimes, what a joke.

  4. There are many posts criticizing the monitoring of parties and underage drinking. However – I have not seen anyone comment on the impact of such behavior on neighbors. Many of the neighborhoods surrounding the campus are occupied by professionals, families, or retired people. They live here long-term, not just for a semester or a year. Therefore – they hear EVERY party that takes place – not just the few thrown each semester. You can bet the neighbors are happy to be able to sleep, and not have to listen to drunken screaming at 2:00 in the morning. If students want to be treated like grown ups in their off campus housing, then act like grown ups and respect the rights of others in the neighborhood. Until that happens – thank God BUPD has some sense of responsibility in controlling the mayhem.

  5. This week, on Paul & Dylan learn to read:

    “Because off-campus crimes aren’t included in the BUPD report’s numbers, next year’s report for 2012 will not include either the murder last April of Kanagala Seshadri Rao (GSM’13) or this semester’s spree of armed robberies of BU students and an alum near the Charles River Campus.”




    Why don’t you use your tuition money to take some reading comprehension courses, instead of studying how to be snarky and wrong on the internet?

  6. I was very taken aback by the graf stressing “that drunkenness can make a person more vulnerable to assault, including sexual.” From a news outlet that generally handled coverage of last year’s high-profile sexual assault cases with honesty and sensitivity, I was shocked to see such implied victim-blaming. Yes, Pare is correct, you cannot legally give consent if you’re intoxicated– but the way this article frames his quote puts the onus not on the assaulter, but on the assaultee, and that’s very far from okay.

  7. I’d say it’s time to repeal this neolithic age-restriction on alcohol consumption. If an eighteen-year-old is considered old enough to vote or die for his/her country,then he/she should be allowed to get a freaking drink.

  8. “You can’t give consent very well while you’re under the influence,” Paré says

    No wonder we have a culture of accepting rape and sexual assault and blaming the victim if the Deputy Director of Public Safety doesn’t even know consent laws. You CAN NOT give consent if you are intoxicated or anything other than sober. Disgusting.

  9. Idea: Go to BU Police Station, read crime log, find out what REALLY happens around BU and what BUPD ACTUALLY does/ arrests made. Idea: Stop chirping BUPD with useless internet threads that they never read or have opportunity to. Idea: ACTUALLY VOICE questions, comments, concerns with Chief or Deputy in person, email, phone. Write letters to BU admin….affect change positively.

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