Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
1099-MISC Form A tax form used to report miscellaneous income earned to the IRS within a given tax year.
Award A payment made to a faculty, staff or student for an achievement.
Check Re-issue When a stop payment is placed on a check and a new one is issued.
Check Cancellation When a stop payment is placed on a check and the funds are credited back to the departments account.
Cost Center The cost object to be charged for the expense of the invoice.
Credit Memo A document issued to a buyer by a seller in cases where purchased products are not delivered, or are returned by the buyer, which indicates a debt owed to the buyer for the value of the returned or undelivered goods.
Disbursement Form A formal request to pay vendors and individuals for goods and services that do not require a Boston University purchase order.
ePayables Boston University/Bank of America’s credit card payment program.
FI Document Number A unique 10 digit document number assigned to an AP financial transaction in SAP.  The different types and assignments are:
19XXXXXXXX – Non-PO Invoice
17XXXXXXXX – Non-PO Credit Memo
51XXXXXXXX –  PO Invoices and Credits
2000XXXXXX – Check/Paymode/ePayables, Wire (as of 2018)
15XXXXXXXX – Wire, prior to 2018
GL Account A unique 6 digit number used to classify expenditures and revenues within a cost center and department.
Honorarium A payment made to a guest lecturer invited to attend a class, participate in a presentation, or provide a public lecture on a one-time basis.  Recipients of honoraria are not considered employees for purposes of tax withholding but the payments are taxable and are reported to the IRS on a form 1099.
Internal Order An internal order is a cost collector capable of budgetary monitoring and reporting of revenues and expenses separately from a cost center.
Invoice An itemized bill for goods sold or services provided, containing individual prices, the total charge, and the terms. Quotes, proforma invoices, packing slips and order acknowledgements cannot be used in lieu of an invoice for payment.
Payment Terms Terms agreed with a customer or vendor that apply to the clearing of goods supplied or services rendered.
Paymode Boston University/Bank of America’s ACH payment program.
Purchase Order Document used to purchase materials and services from vendors.
Remit – To Address The address a customer should return invoice payments to.
Shopping Cart A BUworks/Sourcing form used to request goods and services at BU.
Tax Exemption Certificate A state and/or federal form granting immunity from the requirement of paying sales tax for goods and/or services due to our non-profit status.
W9 Form IRS form that requires a taxpayer to supply his or her Social Security number, employer identification number, or other identifier to a payor so that interest, dividends, royalties, or other payment made to the taxpayer may be reported to the IRS.
Worklist In BUworks, the place where you can go to review and approve pending items assigned to you.