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To see how you can create an invoice number for a disbursement form if you do not have one please see this chart. 

NOTICE: Please limiting the number of “Hold for pickup” check requests. This option will still remain available, but we would like to limit the reasons for our colleagues to ask for checks to be held.

Here are a few examples of when a check may still be requested to be held:

  • Payment to a State or Government agency for permits/fees
  • Checks being mailed to international addresses that you need to mail out on your own.
  • Subject Payments that MUST be handed to the individual

We ask that the remaining payments be sent via US Mail by the Accounts Payable Office.

Event Deposits

Event deposits can be completed in Guided BUying using a standard or an amount-based PO with two lines.  Please create the first PO line item as the initial deposit amount and description.  The second PO line created is for the remaining amount of the event.   Payments terms on the PO will need to be set to Z001 (net receipt). Payment will generate during the next payment cycle after the supplier has successfully submitted an invoice in Ariba and the invoice has been approved.

Please note: The supplier should submit an invoice for the initial deposit only before the event (line 1 of the PO as described above) in Ariba. After the event, the supplier can submit invoice in Ariba for the remaining amount (line 2 of the PO as described above).

Disbursement Form Notifications

When a disbursement form is submitted you will get a confirmation email. Also, to give users more insight into the process, you will receive updates via email when your disbursement form changes status. Please read the email that is sent to you and follow any instructions given.