Earn a BA in Anthropology

The undergraduate major in Anthropology provides students with a breadth of understanding across the full range of anthropological sub-disciplines as well as the opportunity to explore one of three specializations in greater depth. The major program of study emphasizes a four-field approach, providing exposure to Sociocultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Anthropological Archaeology, and Linguistic Anthropology as well as their interrelationships. This holistic approach serves Anthropology’s intellectual goal to achieve a comprehensive and comparative understanding of humanity in its full sociocultural and bio-evolutionary complexity. An undergraduate major in Anthropology contributes to a liberal arts education, offering a disciplined awareness of human behavior, biology, and social institutions in different times and places. The major encourages undergraduate research and study abroad and prepares students for postgraduate studies as well as careers in law, medicine, business, international relations, development, the environmental sciences, and related fields.