Prof. Joanna Davidson in Guinea-Bissau

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Whether in the field or at home in Boston, our faculty, students, and staff are the heart of the Department. For this reason, we strive to maintain an engaging and inclusive community for all our members. Browse the slideshow below or visit our News page to learn more about recent events, research, and achievements in the Department.

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  • Professor Arkin and students in her "Anthropology and Ethnographic Theory" celebrate the last day of class on Zoom.

  • Professor Weller takes notes during an interview in Suzhou, China.

  • Students in Professor White's "Ethnography of Boston" course explore the city.

  • Professor Ngom examines a text while on a research trip in Mali.

  • Professor Knott and students examine the remains of a deceased orangutan.

  • Professor Schmitt welcomes us to the Estación Biológica Cocha Cashu in Perú.

  • Ph.D. students Calynn Dowler and Dat Nguyen at the AAA Conference, with special appearances by Franz Boas and Margaret Mead.

  • Professor Hefner conducts interviews for his documentary series, "Indonesian Pluralities."

  • Professor White poses with a Japanese chef while on fieldwork.

  • Ph.D. students Amy Scott and Andrea Blackburn with scholars at a conference in Jakarta.

  • Ph.D. student Salwa Tareen with alumnus Christopher Taylor at a conference at George Mason University.

  • Professor Ngom's team digitizes Arabic and Ajami texts in Senegal. The texts form the largest collection of Mande scholars' work in the world.

  • Undergraduate student Rachel Novak celebrates the Chinese New Year in Sydney while on study abroad.

  • Professor Smith-Hefner and graduate student present at the Global Intimacies Symposium.

  • A moment of laughter during Ph.D. student Yang Shen's dissertation defense.

  • Professors Weller, Barfield, Carballo, Arkin, and Shohet congratulate Professors Davidson and Marston for receiving the Neu Family Teaching Award!

  • Ph.D. student Christian Gagnon with other presenters at the Northeastern Evolutionary Primatologist Meeting (NEEP).

  • Various students and faculty gather for Thanksgiving dinner.

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