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The Teaching Africa Teacher Certificate Program affirms pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Africa in its global context. The program involves key courses and workshops as well as a curriculum design project that prepares teachers to become education leaders and innovators in the teaching of Africa. The program promotes a community of practice on culturally relevant Africa instruction and is committed to flexibility and affordability in fulfilling certificate completion requirements.

Background on the Program

Since its inception in 1953, the African Studies Center (ASC) at Boston University has been a leader in developing the field of African Studies in the United States. As a Title VI National Resource Center, the ASC has fostered a longstanding and robust Outreach Program whose staff has a simple, yet challenging, overarching priority—Outreach aims to promote the teaching of Africa in U.S. schools. Throughout much of the U.S., the curricula in practice largely mirrors an antiquated emphasis on a narrow understanding of what constitutes an American literature, an American history, and the American arts. Even in world history and global literature classrooms, Africa—the second largest continent and the birthplace of mankind—often constitutes little more than a quick unit, if mentioned at all. This de-emphasis is born out of a lack of teacher training and knowledge on Africa in all range of subjects, which unintentionally marginalizes students who do not or cannot relate to lack of diversity and voice in their education. The focus on African and African-related studies in the classroom forms a crucial component of identity-building and deconstructing stereotypes in history and the world beyond.


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