CAGS in English Education

The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) program in English & Language Arts Education provides advanced study for candidates who are already licensed to teach English or who do not wish to be licensed and who hold a master’s degree or the equivalent. Students in the CAGS program prepare for careers as supervisors, department chairs, curriculum developers, university instructors, and consultants.

The CAGS program emphasizes both recent research and successful practices in English and language arts education. Students will study literature, research on language development, classroom teaching methodology, and service to schools and children. The program focuses on research findings that help improve instructional methodology, materials, and curriculum. Students will examine the art and the craft of teaching language and literature.


Coursework (32 units)

  • WED RS 600 Introduction to Research (4 units)
  • Three courses in Curriculum & Teaching or a related field (12 units)
  • Four graduate-level courses in English at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (16 units)

Comprehensive Examination

CAGS candidates must file a formal application for a departmental comprehensive examination with the Department Chair and faculty advisor. The examination must be completed successfully.