University Policy

School of Theology Policy

All degree students must register every semester for the duration of their program, unless they obtain an approved leave of absence. An officially registered student is one who has selected courses and registered for them on the Student Link, obtained the necessary approvals, and settled all charges with Student Accounting Services. Failure to register each semester will result in withdrawal from the degree program.

To be eligible to register for coursework at Boston University School of Theology, students must be admitted to a degree program or approved for special student status. All students must seek permission to register from their advisor and the School of Theology registrar. Permission is secured by submitting the STH Permission to Register form to the Registration & Financial Aid office. The School of Theology registrar will determine who is eligible to register within the guidelines of admissions requirements, academic progress, and curricular requirements. Students who lack proper documentation may not be permitted to register until the documentation is supplied.

Candidates for admission to degree programs may not register until they receive a formal statement of acceptance. Once accepted to the University, students register according to instructions provided by their school or college. If the registration occurs before the billing deadline, Student Accounting Services will mail an invoice (statement of charges). If the registration is not processed by the billing deadline, the student will not receive a second invoice in the mail and will have to complete the payment process in person.

Continuing students register for courses for the semester using the Student Link (a web-based system). An invoice is prepared on the basis of the student’s status and class selections. Official registration is complete when Student Accounting Services receives full payment. A late settlement fee may be assessed to those students who do not complete official registration by University published deadlines.

The following guidelines must be followed to register properly for coursework each semester:

Semester Course Schedule

The semester course schedule is available for viewing online through the Student Link before the commencement of the registration period, in October or November and March or April.

Advising/Permission to Register Form

The School of Theology registrar will electronically distribute information about registration materials to eligible students prior to the commencement of the registration period. Registration materials include a Permission to Register form, a Plan of Study form, an unofficial transcript, and a Religious Affiliation Report form. Students indicate course selections on their Permission to Register and Plan of Study forms, discuss the selections with their faculty advisor, and submit the signed forms to the registrar along with the additional registration materials. A label will be affixed to the Permission to Register form when the registrar signs the form. The access label will provide the six-digit access number (AAC code) that students must use to register themselves online via the Student Link.

Adjustments to Course Registration

After the initial course selection has been made, adjustments can be made to the schedule using the registration functionality on the Student Link. Please note that deadlines for adjustments are strictly enforced.

Students should consult with their advisors before adding or dropping a course. No course may be added after the first two weeks of classes.

Each semester, the University posts a schedule with registration, settlement, and course adjustment dates. Students are responsible for adhering to these strict deadlines.

Auditing a Course

Audit status cannot be changed after the fifth week of class. Faculty signatures are required on the Course Adjustment Form. An audited course will be charged at the normal School of Theology tuition rate. No credit is awarded for an audited course; an audited course therefore does not accumulate as credit for requirements toward the completion of a degree program.

Pass/Fail Option

Each MDiv, MSM, and MTS student may enroll in one free elective course during the program on a Pass/Fail basis, provided an official petition, complete with appropriate signatures, is filed with the registrar within the first two weeks of the semester in which the course is taught. This option is understood to be in addition to any course offered only on a Pass/Fail basis. A grade of C or higher constitutes passing by School of Theology (but not necessarily University) standards; a grade of C– or lower constitutes failing by School of Theology (but not necessarily University) standards.

STM, PhD, and DMin students may not enroll for courses on a Pass/Fail basis unless they are courses that, by faculty action, give only Pass/Fail grades.

Requirements to Register: Compliance

Boston University students must be compliant with four components in order to register for courses at the School of Theology. These components are:

  • Safe: Send Word Now Emergency Contact Information
  • Settled: Pay Tuition and Fees in Full Every Semester
  • Healthy: Up-to-date Immunization Records
  • Aware & Knowledgeable: MA Motor Vehicle Law

For more information about compliance, please visit the STH Compliance website.