Boston Theological Institute (BTI)

School of Theology Policy

Students who have matriculated into an STH degree program and who are making satisfactory academic progress each semester are eligible to cross-register in the schools of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI). In any single semester of registration, total registration for courses taken outside STH, including the BTI, may not exceed 50 percent of the total course load. Degree program requirements limit the number of BTI courses (and other courses taken outside STH or transferred in) that may accumulate for use in the program.

  • MDiv—limit 24 credits outside STH with advisor’s approval, 18 credits of which may be taken through the BTI (see the MDiv program for more information)
  • MTS—limit 15 credits outside STH with advisor’s approval, 12 credits of which may be taken through the BTI (see the MTS program for more information)
  •  STM—limit 6 credits outside STH with advisor’s approval (see the STM handbook for more information)
  •  PhD—limit 3 courses outside STH with advisor’s approval (see the PhD handbook for more information)

There are two certificates currently authorized for students. Full details are set out in the BTI Catalog. Certificates are normally given at the time of the graduation ceremonies each year.

International Mission and Ecumenism

Religion and Conflict Transformation

Cross-Registration in the Boston Theological Institute (BTI)

Without payment of additional tuition, all full-time School of Theology students may register for up to one-half of their total courses for the semester outside STH, including in any Boston Theological Institute school, providing they have received their advisor’s signed approval. Candidates for the MA and PhD degrees in the Division of Religious & Theological Studies in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences are eligible to cross-register at BTI schools if they are registered for at least one semester course in the University.

The participating BTI schools publish a common online bulletin of courses each academic year in August, but each school keeps a different academic calendar. Boston University students must register for BTI courses within the registration deadlines established by Boston University, not the host school. No BTI course can be added to the student’s registration after the end of the course adjustment period.

BTI cross-registration is completed once the student has submitted both a Boston University registration form to the offices of Registration and Financial Aid and a BTI cross-registration form to the School of Theology, with the required signatures from the home and host schools. BTI courses cannot be selected on WebReg.