University Policy

School of Theology Policy

All examinations administered by faculty or teaching assistants are administered within specific examination guidelines established by the School of Theology. All examinations administered by faculty or their designates must be proctored. Any students who believe they have a disability should meet with Boston University Disability Services at the beginning of the semester to initiate disability verification and discuss accommodations that may be necessary to ensure successful completion of course requirements, including examinations. Disability Services is at 19 Deerfield Street and can be contacted at 617-353-3658. Requests for accommodations are then sent by Disability Services to the Academic Dean, who forwards them to the individual instructors.

International students whose first language is not English may request a time extension directly from the professor. The time extension is limited and, if a site other than the classroom is required, the examination must be proctored.

PhD students must follow the examination guidelines of each discipline or area of study in the PhD Handbook. All language and qualifying examinations must be proctored.

Failure to take examinations in accordance with the correct procedures will invalidate the examination results.