Macro Practice

  • SSW MP 759: Communities and Organizations: Analysis and Intervention
    Graduate Prerequisites: Required of all students.
    MP759 is a foundation course that provides an orientation to macro social work as a core method for all practitioners. Students learn a common framework and practical skills for planning and implementing change in communities and organizations. The course emphasizes principles including social and economic justice and empowerment through an examination of racism and other intersecting oppressions, constituent-led change efforts, and a strengths-based orientation to practice in urban settings and other social environments. Designed for clinical and macro practitioners, the course provides skills in community and organizational assessment, including power analysis and use of demographic and other data; development of strategic action plans; and use of partnerships with non-traditional settings, coalitions, and other constituencies to effect social and organizational change. Teaching and learning methods include use of case studies, videos, field-based research, and in-class exercises and discussion.
  • SSW MP 773: Human Services Management
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759; Or permission of department chair.
    This is an advanced methods course in social administration/management covering topics in planning, supervision, performance appraisal, budgeting, and organizational theory. It is an ideal course for both clinical and macro students who want to develop management skills that they can use in their professional practices. The course examines the ethical dilemmas of administering social programs and managing human service agencies in the context of a market economy where federal and state budget cuts have created competition for scarce resources. Students are introduced to basic management theories, organizational structure, supervision, performance appraisal, leadership, and conflict resolution. This is a prerequisite to all subsequent courses in the Human Services Management Program.
  • SSW MP 774: Seminar: Community Planning
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759.
    This course examines a variety of themes regarding program development at a community level. Opportunities for public speaking are emphasized. Topics vary according to student interest.
  • SSW MP 775: Strategic Management
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759 and SSW MP 773; Or permission of department chair.
    This course integrates the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in the preceding management courses and field experiences. It focuses on the general manager's role in organizational change. Topics include the impacts of changing federal, state, and local public policies on the nonprofit sector, and the strategic planning and implementation skills needed to bring about long-term change at the agency level. Using the case study method, the course examines significant current issues and emerging themes in social administration. Actual strategic plans are prepared.
  • SSW MP 776: Financial Management in Human Service Organizations
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759; Or permission of department chair.
    This course provides an in-depth examination of management control systems, including fund accounting, operating, and cash budgets; line-item, program, and zero-base budgeting; cost accounting; and account structures. Students develop an understanding of financial statements, cash flow analysis, cost/benefit analysis, and break-even analysis.
  • SSW MP 781: Community Organizing
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759; Or permission of department chair. Required of all Macro Social Work Practice students.
    MP781 is designed to strengthen the ability of class members to foster progressive social change. It provides knowledge and skills in different models of community organizing, with a focus on collective action to promote social and economic justice, particularly in urban settings. Class members will develop skills in outreach and recruitment, leadership development, issue selection, strategy and tactics, campaign planning, coalitions, and building grassroots community organizations. MP781 emphasizes the responsibility of social workers to facilitate democratic participation and community empowerment based on respect, humility, and commitment to addressing racism and intersecting forms of oppression. In addition to readings and lectures, the course utilizes guest speakers, small group exercises, role play, video, poetry, music, and direct engagement with community-based organizations. Assignments emphasize skill building and integration of organizing theory and practice. The course relates community organizing to policy, planning, and management to underscore its relevance for all macro practitioners.
  • SSW MP 783: Planning and Program Development
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759; Or permission of department chair. Required of all Macro Social Work Practice students.
    This course introduces students to planning theory, planned social change, organizational development, program development, proposal writing, and leadership. Specific emphasis is placed on basic concepts, principles, skills, and knowledge necessary to effect change at the organizational and community levels.
  • SSW MP 785: Program Evaluation
    Graduate Prerequisites: SSW MP 759; Or permission of department chair.
    MP 785 equips students with the ability to conduct an evaluation as an essential part of the infrastructure of any program or organization designed to advance social change. Students will learn how to select an evaluation design and method that responds to a program's organizational reality, political-policy context, client and/or community input and that promotes a culture of learning and adaption to ensure the highest quality service. Students will design a comprehensive field-based evaluation plan or conduct an evaluation in the field based on their own collection of data.
  • SSW MP 794: Macro Field Seminar
    A required monthly seminar in support of field placements for non-MSW-supervised, second-year macro students. There are no readings or assignments.