Health Equity

  • SPH OM 700: Online MPH Launch
    Students are introduced to the program's learning platforms, tools, and resources to support their success in an online learning environment. Students learn the foundations of public health, including public health history, its core functions and disciplines and biological and social factors that affect health.
  • SPH OM 701: Data, Determinants, and Decision-Making for Health Equity
    In this module, students learn about public health approaches for health and health equity, including social determinants of health. Students learn fundamental quantitative skills to analyze, synthesize, and apply data to inform decisions, and improve population health outcomes. Students develop skills in data collection, population health needs assessments, budget and resource management, managing conflict, and leadership.
  • SPH OM 702: Policy, Programs and Public Health Communication
    In this module, students learn about policymaking, globally, and culture- and context appropriate communication and advocacy strategies to improve health in diverse populations. Students learn to design theory- and evidence-based policies programs and interventions, understand ethics, evidence, and local and global politics in policymaking's, and assess health care and regulatory systems.
  • SPH OM 703: Applied Methods in Population Health Science
    In this module, students develop both quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis skills to identify and address sources of health inequities. Students develop skills in epidemiologic methods, exposure assessment, health impact assessment, big data management, data visualization and translation, coding and thematic analyses.
  • SPH OM 704: Public Health Policy, Advocacy, and Community Organizing
    In this module, students learn strategies to address public health challenges affecting their communities. Students learn to translate knowledge into practice by use of effective communication and education strategies to integrate different perspectives, audiences, and sectors. Students develop skills in stakeholder engagement, public health advocacy, resource-mapping, coalition building, community health organizing, and policy evaluation.
  • SPH OM 705: Applied Public Health Practice
    In this practice-based module, students learn to apply research skills in real- world settings to improve health outcomes of individuals, communities, and populations. Students gain real-world experiences in areas such as: community health needs assessments, intervention design, implementation, and cost estimation, and monitoring and evaluation of programs for impact and implementation fidelity.
  • SPH OM 706: Integrative Seminar
    In this final capstone module, students demonstrate the skills and knowledge they gained throughout the program in the form of a high-quality written product. Students address the ways that structural bias and social inequities undermine health and they design strategies to communicate evidence-based findings to diverse audiences.