Health Sector Issues and Opportunities

QST HM 703

This course provides a dynamic introduction to the health sector, beginning with the burden and distribution of disease and current patterns of expenditures. While the emphasis will be on the American system, a global context will be developed. The basic elements of insurance and payment, service delivery, and life sciences products will be described, and put in the context of the unique economic structure of the sector. The intense challenges of the sector will be explored, as well as both the ethical issues presented and the opportunities that emerge. Public policy and technological and practice development as drivers of change will be addressed throughout.

FALL 2023 Schedule

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E1 Rimer HAR 406 W 6:30 pm-9:15 pm Rsvd for Hsm.
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SPRG 2024 Schedule

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D1 Rimer HAR 404 T 12:30 pm-3:15 pm

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