Special Topics

MET HI 501

HI501 A1: US History 1783-1865. It will cover the US from the end of the Revolution up through the Civil War. Included in this are the debates on the form and role of the Government, the evolution of slavery and the abolitionist movement, the impact and outlines of the industrial revolution, the emergence of the suffragette movement, immigration and America's role in the world, and the development of a unified popular culture in the US.

HI501 A2: US history 1865-1945. This course will cover American history from Reconstruction through the end of World War II. Included in this will be the debate over race and national identity in the aftermath of the Civil War, the Gilded Age and the rise of Modern American industry, the evolution of the Presidency/Federal Government, the Great Depression and New Deal, the birth/evolution of the modern civil rights and women's rights movements, the creation and expansion of a unified American culture, and America's rise as a global power in the Spanish American War, as well as World Wars 1 and 2.

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