Writing for Health

MET HC 561

Effectively communicating knowledge, methods, language and terminology from the complex fields of health, science and medicine- and writing about them plainly- requires an advanced command of language, and proficient use of health literacy principles. If writing does not come naturally to you, this course will introduce you to those health literacy principles, as well as formats and processes for developing materials with confidence. If you're a more experienced writer, get ready to hone your skills using best practices for creating various kinds of health content. Throughout the course you'll analyze different audience needs and refine writing strategies, style, voice, and vocabulary to accommodate each audience. You'll also practice essential writing qualities, including clarity and brevity, alongside advanced grammar, sentence structure and writing mechanics. Assignments include writing, revising, and editing clear, accurate, audience-appropriate content for a journalistic news report; a patient education print brochure; narrative feature storytelling; a health-related blog; scriptwriting for a visual public service announcement, and social media writing to promote your content
Please note: This 4-credit course meets over a 7- week period. Students should expect about twice the weekly workload of a 14-week course.

SPRG 2023 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
O1 Curtinwildin ARR TBD-TBD On-line course

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