Adding or Dropping a Course

University Policy

School of Law Policy

Please check the JD Handbook for the most up-to-date information.

Excerpt from Article V of 2017/2018 Academic Regulations

4. Program changes after registration. Subject to maximum and minimum credit requirements stated in Article III, students may change their programs after registration within the relevant “add/drop” period. Because clinical programs prescribe their own add/drop periods and procedures, questions about deadlines and procedures in such programs should be addressed to the office of the relevant program. For procedures governing journal credit, see section 5 below. For other courses and seminars, the Registrar’s Office will prescribe and announce the beginning of the add/drop period, together with necessary add/drop procedures and waitlist procedures for closed courses and seminars. The end of the add/drop period for courses and seminars, other than clinical courses and mini-courses, is 5 p.m. on the tenth day of classes. The end of the add/drop period for mini-courses will be prescribed by the Registrar. Any student who misses the first meeting of a seminar without the instructor’s advance permission may be administratively dropped from the seminar.

5. Program changes involving journal credit. Students who wish to add journal credit within the add/drop period set by the Registrar’s Office for courses and seminars must follow procedures set by the journal and must meet the School’s minimum semester and yearly credit requirements. Students who are registered for journal credit and who wish to withdraw from the journal within the add/drop period must notify the journal and follow its procedures. Students who wish to add journal credit or who are registered for journal credit and wish to withdraw from the journal after the add/drop period must petition the Academic Standards Committee for permission, and must notify the journal. If applicable, the petition must include a request to be below the minimum semester or yearly credit requirement. Such petitions will be governed by section 6 of the Academic Regulations.

6. Late adds or drops. Adds or drops not permitted by sections 4 and 5 above may be authorized only by the Academic Standards Committee. Unless the student demonstrates that, under the circumstances, the delay should be excused, a course or seminar for credit that the Committee permits to be dropped after the relevant deadline will appear with a notation of “W/D” on the student’s transcript.