MA in French Language & Literature

The MA in French Language & Literature seeks to have each student develop an advanced knowledge of French and Francophone literature, its history, and major works, as well as a sound knowledge of the traditions, aims, and methods of scholarly research in the field. While many MA graduates go on to doctoral study in literature, others pursue careers in education or in fields where command of French offers professional value, such as international law, public health, development, and business. Advanced proficiency in French is a prerequisite for admission to the program; please see the department website for details of supporting documentation to be submitted at the time of application.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of language and literature in French in a global context and from all historical periods.
  • Demonstrate writing and research skills appropriate to professional use and observe ethical practices.
  • Demonstrate a near-native mastery of the French language, including the ability to write in French at a level appropriate to professional use, and to communicate with native French speakers.
  • Be prepared to teach specific works and literary concepts at the advanced high school level, and work as language instructors at the college level.

Course Requirements

A minimum of eight semester courses (32 credits) at the 500 level or above, including at least one seminar each semester. Two semester courses (8 credits) in a related field may be taken with the advisor’s approval.

Language Requirement

Degree candidates are expected to possess a sound command of written and spoken French. In cases of serious deficiencies, students may be required to take additional courses in language without receiving degree credit.

Comprehensive Examination

Candidates qualify for the MA by passing a written comprehensive examination based on a reading list developed in consultation with the French section faculty. Details concerning the content and schedule of this exam are described fully in the graduate program handbook.