Today’s fast-paced educational climate requires accurate, cost-effective, and timely answers for surveys, evaluations, and test scoring. The forms you use to collect your data need to be easy to use so you get clear and accurate results. We offer scanning and scoring of tests, course evaluations and surveys, as well as data collection and professional forms design. All services are available at Boston University and to outside clients or institutions.

We offer quick turnaround and accurate results. Critical information is collected, analyzed, and reported in an effective manner. Automated testing and evaluation saves time and is less costly and error-prone than manual data collection.

We use a high-speed OPSCAN 10 scanner, capable of scanning 55 scantron sheets per minute. It reads both ink (black or blue) and pencil marks (#2), and scans both standard and custom forms.

We also offer design assistance for custom forms and surveys, and various options for output and reporting.

Costs vary by service. Set up a billing account or get a requisition from your department. Set up a pre-scanning consultation for non-standard and/or custom forms.