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Training is required for new Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) and Data Trustees. DSAs or Data Trustees who have previously attended training are always welcome to schedule another session as a refresher. Security Camp is a free, one-day computing security conference hosted annually by IS&T.


In a classroom setting, DSA training provides a hands-on approach to mastering the functions and tasks of a Departmental Security Administrator. Data Trustee training offers a one-on-one session allowing the individual to master the functions/tasks needed to perform this role. Security Awareness Training is an online PowerPoint presentation designed to familiarize you with common computer security concerns and methods for avoiding improper exposure of critical University data. At Security Camp, those responsible for maintaining computing security in the higher education environment share their experiences so all may benefit.

Key Features


  • Learn about the responsibilities of a DSA or Data Trustee.
  • DSAs receive training in security awareness.
  • DSAs learn how to make requests for their clients using DSA functions.
  • Data Trustees become familiar with the criteria for approving or rejecting a request.
  • Training materials are provided, including a detailed “how-to” manual.

Security Camp

  • Attend presentations by experts in the field.
  • Discover how other institutions are solving similar issues.


Trainees must be designated DSAs or Data Trustees for their respective departments. Security Camp is open to higher ed system, network, and security administrators, and security managers.

Getting Started

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