This page contains a list of all generally-available Telegraph directives. How these directives are used varies depending on the directive type, standard or special. Standard directives are available to any user; special directives are designed for specific contexts and are included mainly for reference purposes. To see these directives in use, see our Telegraph Examples section.

Standard Directives

A standard directive is used with the basic tag format <directive action=”[directive name]” />.

<directive action="email" to="" />

Depending on the directive, additional parameters may be included in the XML tag.

Directive Name Purpose Details
captcha Adds a captcha to reduce form spamming.
conditional-field Changes some form values based on form input.
download-file Attempts to force a download when the form has finished processing.
email Sends an email to a specified address.
encrpyt Sends a PGP-encrypted email to a specified address.
field Adds new fields based on user input, server time, or profile information.
file Writes to a file (template-based or spreadsheet output).
imperius Displays form validation errors on the original webpage.
match Checks that two fields’ input matches.
output Specifies error and thank you pages.
redirect Specifies a web page to display after form submission.
redirect-template Specifies error and thank you pages, but prevents a form from resubmitting if someone refreshes their browser after completing and submitting the form. It is important to use this directive while creating a form for credit card processing.
require Requires that a field contain content and/or follow a specific format.
subscribe Subscribes an email address to a Majordomo mailing list.
sum Add, subtract, or multiply numbers to produce a total amount. This directive is great for order forms that need to calculate a total cost.
unset Prevents a form field’s contents from displaying in a web browser.
unsubscribe Unsubscribes an email address from a Majordomo mailing list.
upload Uploads a file to the web server.

Special Directives

A special directive is used with a variation of the the basic tag format <directive special=”[directive name]” />. Special directives are created to extend Telegraph functions and solve specialized problems.

<directive special="bumc" />

Directive Name Description Details Notes
one-help-only Used to send data to the One Help database. Used by forms that output to One Help.
bumc Used by Telegraph forms on the BUMC web server. Used by some forms on BUMC WordPress sites. Existing forms should be converted to use the standard Telegraph directives or Gravity Forms.
cashier Used to send credit card data to the Cashier’s Office online system for processing. Requires special setup and financial training by the Cashier’s Office.

Additional special directives can be created for a specific department or function; however, only the special directives listed above are available for general use.