Adding forms to your site is an excellent way for you to collect information from the people who visit your site. A form can serve many purposes, from a simple request for more information, to registering for an event or mailing list.

With Gravity Forms you can create forms that used to take hours to build in just a matter of minutes. With Gravity Forms and WordPress, adding fields and deploying forms can be done in just a few clicks. Here you will find documentation on how to use Gravity Forms to create a basic form to add to your page.

For some special uses, especially processing credit card payments, forms must be created using Telegraph.


Understand how the reCAPTCHA challenge is used with forms made in Gravity Forms.

Creating New Forms

Begin creating a new form using the Gravity Forms plugin.

Adding Fields to Forms

Learn how to add fields to and customize their options.

Setting Up Email Notifications

Send and receive email when a user submits your form.

Adding Forms to a Page

Add a customized form to your page.

Viewing Form Submissions

View and download all entries submitted.

Adding Custom Error Messages

Create error messages specific to your form.